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$ETH | When you catch a lil ragedip for some quick flip cash. #rentpaid


(I have stink bids that need filling)

Ok bitmex noob here... Are they seriously paying me to be long??? LMFAO wtf

Every investment is a bet on your ability to observe and find patterns amongst the noise.

You’d gain more value just observing than constantly trying to figure out your next move. Relax. Think. Be present.

Observe the market and allow it to show you the opportunities. Being emotional, impatient and biased will keep the opportunities away.

This is a parody account. Everything I say on here is for pure entertainment.

If you give them the power to call every project a scam, without backlash (shame), then they will take that power and increase it further. You need to keep them in check.

There are those that do nothing but look forward to the failure of projects. Miss all the fun and then pat themselves on the back.

Aaaaand another @TREZOR stops working...

Great quality control, guys!

I’ve heard this FUD many times in the past. I wonder when 🤔

You want to get into crypto? Don’t. Just don’t do it. You don’t want it. Else you wouldn’t be asking me and already be doing it.

----------DMA 200----------
----------DMA 365----------

When you tell yourself you won’t add more to your bag.. but you just can’t help yourself and double down.

I should listen to people that tell me how to tweet. They sure know how it’s done.

$BTC | I can't predict the future, but it sure is fun trying. Plus, this fits my bias...


the @Crushtours in Ontario CA is about the most fun u can have w/ur clothes on

everything about them is amazing

ask for Richard


D. Pedro IV Statue in Lisboa, Portugal (Google made this time lapse gif of my pics automatically :o)

$mbc #masternbit
will launch the pataform on mondey so
#Masternode coalteral 1000 $mbc
18mm total supply
great roin
real use case
to your math then buy

market here

You got people putting their hopes and dreams buying lottery tickets instead of making their hopes and dreams reality. Sad!

Don’t listen to the financial advice of people that enter giveaways or play the lottery.

least I get to enjoy laughing at how pointless some of these shit coins in the top ten are. If your coin has no purpose besides being a transactional currency, but is doing less than 1% of it's market cap in daily volume, then it isn't even being used for it's sole usecase - $XRP

the volume was what convinced me we were at the bottom last time. Looking at the market cap of bitcoin on a linear scale adds some clarity as well.

I'm long BTCUSD with 10x leverage at 1fox. I got a sweet overnight fill. Building up my winrate so my trades are worth copying, once that functionality comes down the pipe.
Here be reflink:

Will the entire crypto category prove to be just one big popcorn trade with prices of most coins returning to at least pre June 2017 levels?

Question to all of you sad guys whining about $BTC maximalism: have you seen a chiropractic lately?

Those bags of yours must be getting pretty heavy...

If you guys ever come to Portugal please try their "Pastel de Nata". This is fucking heaven.

***Brrrriiinngggg Brrriiingngggg***

Bogdanoff here, he bought the #bitcoin dip. Load ze pump. Kill him. Then transfer everything.


Stop waiting for your #atcoins to moon and go build something.

Now is the time!

Very excited for the next few weeks in crypto. There are big things coming 🔥

No strategic partner will give some kid a $100 million check without first giving them smaller checks. That’s an idiotic partner.

Yeah it’s working well right now, but you ain’t staying in this market for long. You might as well just retire now. Save yourself the trouble.

The demand to have projects immediately listed on exchanges tells you the stupidity of the market. Especially the stupidity of those considered “smart money.”

When something invades your mind it is easier to shortcircuit than digest it and figure out what just invaded it.

The team of the groundbreaking project that raised hundreds of millions and hasn’t shown shit is out popping bottles today.

This mentality is making people focus on short term results. None of these crypto projects can perform that quickly. Unless you’re manipulating it.

These crypto companies raising hundreds of millions.. for what? To have an amazing failure. The best companies have quiet beginnings.

I gotta get a mug like this, but that on the other side says "#Bitcoin: we do complex Proof of Work based on verifiable data provided by the blockchain."

Your personality should be triggering enough that the losers and the weak stay away.

***Brrrriiiingggg.... Brrrriiinnngggg***

@crypToBanger , this is Bogdanoff. $SS Pump is loading


Stay away from those with pleb mentality. Seek those that align themselves with abundance. Stay away from the scarcity minded ones.

You need to know yourself well enough to know when to fall for your own bullshit and when to call out your own bullshit.

soon you will be able to copy me and other traders on


the bears are smarter than the bulls though. they'll accumulate at a bottom and even sell at a loss if they think they can force further capitulation, trigger stops and buy back in even lower. bulls and everyone else seems to be waiting for a sign from the heavens.

Why is everyone so bearish / gloating at the bottom of the wedge?

I can put it a little more clearly: the banks dont have your fuckin' money people.

The really dumb thing about U.S. citizens is how uninformed they are recent world economic history & assume things like what happened in cyprus & greece can never happen here. It can & will, we'll just be the last to fall. Go try make a 10k withdrawal & watch how you're treated.

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