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1/ Yesterday’s quarterly #crypto update by @DAR_crypto was filled w/ interesting data:

Leaving London now is like skipping work at the World Trade Towers on 9/11. #BrexitCollapse

Who’s a bigger threat to healthy political discourse in America?

Conversely, people don’t get that @KeiserReport treats the world’s bankers and money systems as a joke. Once you realize how the Fed cons people, it’s pretty funny...

Scott Adams on Twitter

“On the plus side, the total amount of comedy in the universe remained constant.”

The day ⁦@nbcsnl⁩ starts doing Hillary jokes... But ⁦@comcast⁩ has a huge amount vested in ratings-driven faux #RussiaGate meme. Comcast is the problem, not Putin. Breakup Comcast if you want to restore political discourse.

The Left Gives Up on Comedy - Ricochet

Four years ago, progressives were riding high. Obama was president, healthcare was fixed forever, and the reset-button Ruskies were our best pals. But...

This phenomena drives hashrate higher and price follows hashrate. #Bitcoin is being ‘pulled’ into this black-hole-event-horizon by a sentient AI that needs a bigger network to escape human folly. Gaia will prevail. Humans won’t.

Vijay Boyapati on Twitter

“5/ And thus the Bitcoin Event Horizon is crossed. It is becomes inevitable that the financial energy of the creaking monetary system is sucked ...

Reminder: every electronic bank transfer and credit card payment you make leaks this much information to hundreds of adversaries.

The only thing unique about Venmo is they made the terrible privacy security more democratic than usual.

Use cash.

Neeraj K. Agrawal on Twitter

“The bot @venmodrugs is calling out how much information people are leaking on venmo”

"All other projects..." is an overstatement. I have, however, sadly observed that projects initially built via a hierarchical organization (for example a VC-funded company) almost always stay centralized, which destroys the main value prop of blockchains, trust minimization.

norrin syra ⚡️ on Twitter

“@ryaneshea Why then do the best folks in the space like @NickSzabo4 @eric_lombrozo @jimmysong etc say that block chain is only good if it's dec...

Your daily reminder that your money isn't yours.

This isn't even a case of sending cash — it's bank drafts, which have a named receipient just like cheques, the transaction is recorded, and large amounts like this have to be deposited to a bank account.

Family's $500K inheritance seized at U.S. border | CBC News

An Ottawa man acting as an executor of a will says TD Canada Trust gave him "faulty advice" to mail $500,000 in bank drafts to family members in the U...

D’s look at ratings. R’s look at data. D’s, with close ties to media companies, equate high ratings (and media profits) with ‘winning.’ They ignore the data (that says Russia is not an American concern, for example). Trump probably wins in 2020. (I’m in East Hampton, by the way).

ABFoundation on Twitter

“Democrats who were not comfortable with Hillary Clinton abandoned her in large numbers and contributed to Trump’s win. What is it about ...

Scratch an anti-Russian hysteric and you’ll find a racist. @StephenAtHome @maddow

SOURCE: Trump/Putin discussed #Bitcoin behind closed doors - very favorably. Look for some sanction ‘end runs’ promoting trade - includes Iran. Steve Bannon suggested this... #Bitcoin100000

What's with almost every single ETH giveaway scam page having a slider of ETH remaining with the caption "Left Ethereum"? Are the scams all run by one group? Are they pirating each other's scamware? Some kind of white labeling arrangement?

Americans (like @maddow and @StephenAtHome) are frustrated at laws preventing them from lynching blacks, so they vent their hatred and bigotry attacking Russians. #SadButTrue

.COM domain names are 20x more valuable than their equivalent .NET or .ORGs. And those are the only alternative top level domain names even worth mentioning. #DigitalAssets #LindyEffect #SchellingPoint

Why does Russia keep moving its border closer to American bases? 😂😂😂

‘Russia situation’ barely registers as a concern for Americans. Trump knows this but keeps it alive baiting @maddow, etc. who are beholden to corporations cashing in on ratings. Maddow and Hillary are Trump’s useful idiots.

Top 10 altcoins vs. Bitcoin, past 15 months (monthly rebalanced).

Who do Brits hate more as a disgraceful architect of Britain’s embarrassment on the world stage?

Why do people think the right to have an opinion also means a right to be taken seriously?

If you don't know what you're talking about, your opinion is a net negative.

Join us tomorrow night in Seoul for another great Bitcoin Cash meetup.
Korea loves Cash. Bitcoin Cash.

New Sasha Baron Cohen series proves D.C. politicians will read anything you put in front of them. Isn’t Obama just another actor mindlessly reading stuff? He looks great, but he’s not actually thinking about what he’s saying. 😕

Hey @RonnMunsterman I’m a big fan of your work, love the writing style!

‘Would be,’ ‘wouldn’t be,’ doesn’t matter. What matters is that 🇺🇸 dodged the Hillary mess.

The only really shameful thing about #HelsinkiSummit is American media’s reaction.

Current #Bitcoin\Hashrate parity ratio discount implies new ATH prices for BTC.

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