Top Decentralized Applications (DApps) built on Ethereum, NEO and EOS

This article is about the top Dapps of 2018 that are built on various platforms, the exciting part is the various decentralized platforms are different than one another, providing different solutions to different users of the platform, we will be covering the most innovative Dapps developed on these decentralized platforms.


Golem claims to be a worldwide decentralized supercomputer, where anyone can provide the processing power and get rewarded in tokens, the participant is going to lend his/her computing power and receive Golem’s tokens in exchange, the Dapp uses the computing power of each node to create massive decentralized computing power.


CryptoKitties is another Ethereum based Dapp, the traffic generated from this Dapp was so much, that it actually slowed down the Ethereum Blockchain. CryptoKitties is a game where you would buy a digital kitty, this kitty would have a unique address and every kitten will be different from one another. You can buy, trade and even breed the cryptokitties, cool right!


BlockCat is a visual interface for that helps with the back-end coding needs, their aim is to open up Smart Contracts to everyone, even to the ones who are not hardcore programmers. This means that someone who is not a programmer can also easily deploy smart contract to the Ethereum Blockchain.


Augur makes real-time predictions using actual money, investors in this platform actually bet on their predictions and they earn a reward when they are right, it’s basically a predictive market Dapp where users are going to predict the market movements and they are incentivized if their predictions are accurate(to some extent). The predictive market Dapp is considered to provide more accurate information than the individual analysts.


FunFair is a gaming Smart Contract Dapp which combines the capabilities of the Ethereum Smart Contract with the gaming opportunities for casinos. FunFair is using the Ethereum Smart Contracts to keep the platform transparent and ensuring fair play.


EtherDelta is a decentralized exchange, it is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and ERC-20 token. The advantage of this platform is that new tokens are often listed in this exchange, this provides the users to invest in any new coins they might be interested in, EtherDelta lists the new tokens even before Binance and Bittrex, and also you don’t need to store your money in the exchange, now that’s a takeaway!


It is a platform where one can accept and pay micropayments with lower fees and the platform can programmatically define when and how an event should take place in the real world in a deterministic and verifiable way. Users will be using inexpensive IOT devices like Node MCU for easier acceptance of the payment in the platform.


IMusify is a free blockchain based, incentivized decentralized platform for music related digital content such as audio, video, apps and blogging too, it is a platform where anyone can contribute and get paid for their contribution.

Chain Line

Chain Line aims at building a trustless shipping network for the e-commerce platforms, it depends on the network of trustless peers to get products and valuable items to their customers. Chain Line also aims to be a peer to peer courier platform that meets the needs of the modern shipping companies.


NeoAuth allows its users in the platform to log in and log off from the different websites and apps invoking a Smart Contract form an NEO address, this NEO address will be tied to the user’s account, NeoAuth aims to be the Blockchain open ID, this will facilitate the businesses with the passwordless authentication and anyone in the space who wants a passwordless authentication.


Phantasma is a platform where users actually control their content, instead of relying on the third party servers Phantasma supports any kind of transaction between the users, like email, chats and even money transfers. It brings a complete in-mail system that runs on the blockchain. Phantasma runs on a crypto-wallet address using the NEO blockchain, so technically you own the private key thus owing the mailbox.

NEO Trade

NEO Trade is a decentralized exchange that is inspired by the EtherDelta, it’s basically an NEO Smart Contract which allows users to deposit NEO Gas and any other P5 assets, you can then trade these assets among the users, sounds simple right.

Turing Complete Smart Contract

Turing is considered to be a computationally universal programming language, the concept is enabling reprogramming even after a contract has been deployed to the Blockchain. And Ethereum Smart Contracts are Turing compatible which will enable Dapps built on Ethereum compatible on the NEO platform.


This Dapp is alleged to be the decentralized skype, where the NEO wallet is the video identity of the user, users register in the NEO public address and once a user is registered he/she can communicate to any other node on the Krypton Platform. The communication mediums available are voice calls, direct messaging, and direct transfer of money.


This is another decentralized exchange on NEO’s Blockchain, it too supports the trading of any P5 tokens like NEO an NEO Gas, it could be counted as another decentralized exchange on NEO for P5 token category.


This is a very functional Daap we thought, this Dapp is built for the people who are confident enough with their travel plans. Drivers can make a higher deposit to be sure that the trip will happen in the first place, while passengers will search for trips with higher deposits by the divers, this Dapp aims at ride-sharing features where the extra slack goes to the passengers but not necessarily, its a game of demand and supply again.


MEET is a multichain wallet where you can store multiple tokens on the EOS platforms like EOS, IQ, MEET, and EEC etc. They also want to offer a crowdfunding for EOS projects and they want to be basically the Gateway for decentralized applications.


Everpedia is knowledge base and knowledge aggregator it’s basically Wikipedia on the blockchain, first, they have already all the content of Wikipedia. It’s all more about visual storytelling they have more pictures and videos, another thing is if you are a celebrity or if you have any personal interest you can put up your content, get your page verified similar pages. Celebrities are also able to interact with their fans using their Everpedia page, IQ tokens are also incentivized for great editors or people who bring really good content on the Everpedia.


OnePay is a point-of-sale solution for merchants, but they don’t want to only venture into local stores they also want to have an e-commerce integration, if you want your merchants to have a small boutique and also an online store where you can just use one payment solution. Onepay leverages on the EOS platform for the faster transaction speed.


ONO is a decentralized social network which is somewhat similar to SteemIt which focuses on quality content and is being incentivized by the user, while ONO claims that they are more like Twitter and the Snapchat, ONO will be having an open API for joint development.

Oracle Chain

OracleChain is an Oracle Service Provider, they provide inter and extra chain Oracle services for EOS Blockchain projects and extra chains like other Blockchains, where EOS Blockchain can communicate with other Blockchains and decentralized platforms.


Scatter is an EOS Dapp bridge which aims at connecting all the EOS Dapps into one interface, so instead of having every EOS Dapp fragmented and searching them everywhere, Scatter provides a solution by providing a bridge between all of these Dapps


Plactal is a decentralized gaming blockchain which brings the gaming data to use through the EOS Blockchain, they are focused on mobile games and they also incentivize users for sharing their gaming data.


HireVibes is a decentralized professional recruiting platform, they have an incentivized model for the recruitment, where the Employers fees for a candidate is also very low as compared to the centralized professional recruitment platforms, here the candidates also get incentivized for using the platform and a part of their incentive is reserved for charity, users can choose their own choice of charity foundation.


Instar is a decentralized research platform which provides a decentralized network of research where users can take a survey and it has a secure identity management where the user’s data is being protected and users also make money from the data they provide. Users incentives will vary from the research survey the user will be undertaking.

TXT(Traffic Exchange Token)

TXT is a platform where the users are incentivized on the basis of the advertisements they view, the TXT is leveraging on the mobile app and plugins in order to connect the users to the TXT ecosystem. TXT aims at removing the middlemen which takes the most of the cut for the advertisement dollars spend.

Hope this article gave you some insight on various Dapps that are trending this year, comment below if you want us to brief on any topic related to Dapps.

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