21e8: #00000000000000000021e800c1e8df51b22c1588e5a624bea17e9faa34b2dc4a

For a couple of days, the Bitcoin community has been sleepless about the 21e8 hash that was associated with the block 528249. While the hash might just look like any another random hash created by the network, the people in the community are scratching their head over what it could possibly mean.

What is 21e8?
Twitter thread of the discussion

In the above thread, you can see all the possible explanation for the mysterious hash and what it possibly could mean, users have been talking about the possibility of the block being mined from future, another theory suggests that someone mined this block after attaining the 51% of the network, pointing towards the probability of Quantum Computing.

A twitter user @BoogieCrypto tweeted:

Another explanation to this whole #21e8 thing is that we actually do live in a giant simulation and Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of this world/simulation we live in.

He has implemented himself in this simulation to leave breadcrumbs for us to find answers about our existance

Another tweet from @StartaleTV:

Alright, quick run down of the #21e8 hash: – to create this hash you need several magnitudes higher level of computation than exists in the entire world – somewhere around 2.5k years to produce a hash with all the leading 0’s AND 21e8 following

@Karmadillo tweeted:

Image Source: Twitter 

There will be numerous theories about this hash particularly but does it hold any significance, right now it just seems like a random tweet gone way too viral, as no one has till now come up with a plausible explanation as what this hash means, random theories which seems to be ridiculous has been crawling in the web.

While the community looks up into the hash for something that would actually make sense and connect the dots between the problem with some worthy explanation to it, there can be a two-fold consequence of the hash.

The value for the hash was generated by the SHA 256 encryption as usual and there is nothing really to look into it or there is a behavioral characteristic of the hash function that needs attention and we are missing something.

No matter what we will be watching it carefully and update it if it is really crucial and worth it.

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