Consensys 2018: Handpicked! CryptoKitties Co-Creator talks about Gaming and more!

Another episode of  Consensys 2018 where Dieter Shirley co-creator of CryptoKitties talks about gaming on a decentralized platform, types of gamers and the scalability issues on the decentralized platforms.

How Is Blockchain a solution in the gaming space?

There are people who play Dragonvale who invest a lot in these online gaming platforms and its not just about the money, its also about the efforts and the kind of in-game assets they would be developing in the game. These kinds of assets or collectibles matter a lot to these gamers. Imagine you would reach a level of 252 and the platform shuts down for whatsoever reasons, how would it make you feel?

Blockchain can provide a solution to such issues, where there might be a flaw in the platform and decentralized system can keep the system up and running.

What digital assets, other than games you see to be tokenized?

“We are already seeing commodities like shares and other things, but one of the most interesting things we see to be tokenized is “Badges”. Suppose you are a fan of a band in an early stage and you went to their concert and were given a non-fungible token that can be cryptographically verified, imagine 5 years down the lane you could put it in your profile where not everyone can do that because it is something that is cryptographically verified”

Well, it might not be the best use case but that’s what Dieter had to say about it.

Cats on the Internet are very popular! Scalability

CryptoKitties is one of those apps which showed that Ethereum can really push up in scale, it caused a lot of transaction backlogs and also the fees on the Ethereum network, to which people were not really happy about it, what is the next step for CryptoKitties or even anything that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain?

One thing that is good about Ethereum Foundation is they are taking scaling really on a serious note, and their big plan for 2018 was moving from proof of work to proof of stake consensus algorithm and they are actually spending a lot on scaling.

What CryptoKitties did to the Ethereum Blockchain was pretty unexpected because companies were building projects on the platform where through the ICO’s they raised millions and even billions of dollars to built things on top of the Ethereum platform, imagine the extensiveness of the projects they would be building on the platform, if not at least 100 million users would be an example good enough, Dieter and his co-creators just build a cat game, of course, the network can handle that amount of traffic. But they never expected the users to develop and engage in the app so fast which eventually raised a big question mark on the scalability issues of the platform.

Well, we believe that Ethereum is one of the very well established platforms and one who are taking the issue of scalability really seriously and in future we also expect Dapps performing better o the platform and providing better solutions to these emerging problems.

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