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What have you removed from your life that resulted in a sustained, positive impact?

1/ Imagine investing in internet stocks and never experiencing the products that the companies create.

Crazy @SatoshiRoundtbl ! My wife @courtmwarner and @SkyCorridors singing karaoke !

Most crypto skeptics remain superficial in their understanding of the technology.

BEWARE OF THIEVES IMPERSONATING ME. I would NEVER take such advantage of my followers. Whenever you see such flagrant disregard of law and ethics, please report the person as an impostor "pretending to be me or someone else."

Gold and Bitcoin are complementary assets. Combine them in a portfolio, and you'll see that hard money has been in a secular bull market for 15 years now.

This is the bible of classical charting principles. This is the only book on charting I recommend. Available on Amazon for around $50.

It’s the small reminders in life that make me grateful to be here #ThankYouSatoshi

Image for the Tweet beginning: It’s the small reminders in

Are private master-node groups the crypto version of multi-level marketing Ponzi schemes?

If $LTC does not dance to the music I will likely be out by noon tomorrow.

$XRPUSD is actually in a stronger technical condition than $LTCUSD

As a general rule, valid breakout days should thrust with vengeance, producing a wide-bodied red (down) or green (up) candlestick. Hesitation at breakout is more often than not a sign of trouble. I attempt to move stops to BE quickly

Greg's recent work on Taproot and graftroot plus @benediktbuenz CT inspired bulletproofs (more generic proof system than some realise) if you plot trend looks like standard hardness assumption SNARK like privacy/fungibilty direction. Sounds good to me 🙂

Maxwell Eyes Bitcoin Smart Contracts After Blockstream - CoinDesk

After leaving the startup he co-founded, Greg Maxwell is focusing his energy on developing more efficient and more private bitcoin smart contracts.

Watch out for fake twitter accounts asking for money and for fake conferences claiming that big names are attending. Two examples below:

Traders do not have the luxury of trading yesterdays markets.

Want to move up in academia? Consider learning & teaching Bitcoin.

What I'm really looking forward to is the 8 year old crypto traders learning markets, rough and tumble, brain neurons wired for markets, instinctive, taking it to Wall Street when they are a little bit older.

Missing @SatoshiRoundtbl plotting the world with @fluffypony and @courtmwarner #bitcoin #monero

US govt buying stocks as fear of #BitcoinBlackHole vacuuming trillions from the stock market bubble weigh heavily. This is what we want. They’ll go bust defending Dow.

Too many people have too low a standard to believe that someone is Satoshi. At a minimum, the person needs to sign with the genesis key. Anything else is a "dog ate my homework" excuse.

I have no tolerance for a trade that starts to dig back into my pocket. Capital preservation trumps my opinion of any given chart.

The current #Bitcoin price is the only real price of money that matters. This is why no-coiners try to kill it.

Hypothesis, next 6 months:


Short term T-bills

Bitcoin: ?

Review of IOTA by @abrkn

tl;dr: Useless for IoT because the Tangle DAG tech just adds complexity without changing the fundamental problem of needing all blockchain data to detect double-spend.

tl;dr²: IOTA doesn't scale.

IOTA: Cannot be used for IoT. Loss of funds may occur.

IOTA is a tangle coin that ICO’d on Bitcointalk in JINN, another coin. It promises to bring cryptocurrency to the Internet-of-Things. But…

Same market environment can treat different trading styles in very different ways some favorably, others miserably.

'Security protocols always consist of at least two layers: a "dry layer" that can be analyzed by ... objective mathematics ... and a "wet layer" that consists of the often unpredictable ... motivations of the protocols' users.'

Small-game fallacies

A small-game fallacy occurs when game theorists, economists, or others trying to apply game-theoretic or microeconomic techniques to real-wo...

Imo "Proof of Stake" is very close to a multi level marketing scheme: new entrants are charged an inflation tax that subsidizes participants higher up the chain, and the people higher up decide on the fate of the enterprise.

#SatoshiRoundTable: @KeiserReport on catamaran interviewing @OverstockCEO, Cancun, Mexico.

In every major market cycle short volatility all-stars get wiped out. Here is the graphic representation of picking up pennies in front of a steam roller. #VIX

Learning to be patient with a losing period is part of maturing as a trader.

The historically recent growth of centralized digital money has resulted in the transformation of money from being a medium of exchange, to many officials viewing it as primarily a medium of law enforcement. This is increasingly making such money more local and less trustworthy.

Cato CMFA on Twitter


As the media sensationalizes the "equity rout," let's keep the stock market correction (thus far) in perspective.

Without Fed’s 0% money for Wall St., fair market level for Dow Jones is less than current #Bitcoin price. I predict Bitcoin price will fly past Dow in 2018.

Image for the Tweet beginning: Without Fed’s 0% money for

#SatoshiRoundtable: I had a chance to interview @OverstockCEO for @KeiserReport. Will air next week. @tzeroblockchain VERY EXCITING!!!

#SatoshiRoundtable: I’ve had several meetings and calls with all key stakeholders with interests in @bitfinex and @Tether_to and maintain my positive outlook for both for 2018. @HeisenbergCap @stacyherbert

I’ve had several in-depth discussions on #BitcoinCash here at #SatoshiRoundtable — and maintain my position that bcash is less secure than Bitcoin, while also engaging in deceptive marketing. But hey, let the market decide.

#Bitcoin safe haven play as Dow Jones tumbles. $28,000 in play.

ERP & similar would be interesting experiments to watch from a safe distance. They would have programmers making legal and accounting decisions, or (more likely in the long run) an unpredictable variety of local lawyers & accountants getting involved in global software upgrades.

Donald McIntyre on Twitter

“Very happy to see that in addition to @pirapira, both @avsa and @VitalikButerin are taking a stand against Standardized Ethereum Recovery Propo...

"The Bitcoin Core (BTC) network is in trouble due to high fees and slow transaction times. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is the upgrade that solves these problems." - front page

Get started with Bitcoin: find a wallet, buy bitcoin, shop with bitcoin, read bitcoin news, and get involved on the forum. on

Props for @coinbase's multi billion dollar company for donating a whole 5x more per year to open source development than my one man consulting company does.

Coinbase on Twitter

“Introducing Coinbase Open Source Fund”

At first blush #crypto builders seem loyal adherents to @paulg’s advice, “do things that don’t scale,” but we actually have much to learn about the meaning behind those words:

Hey @jack, when are we getting the ability to deposit/withdraw BTC from the Cash app? That's about the only thing missing.

#Classical_Charting_101 The foundation of charting is that similar chart construction tends to produce similar outcomes. $PST $VNM BTW, I am NOT a fan of buying Ultra ETFs

Trust-minimized governance uses tech to minimize the kinds of decisions leaders are expected to, or in the most secure cases even able to, make. This can lower governance costs & increase social scalability dramatically: the best public blockchains work seamlessly across borders.

On a very short-term basis, small intraday H&S in $DJIA $YM_F might offer clues.

2+ year compound fulcrum bottom completed in $TWTR on earnings report. Target = $44.40

As I have said often, the challenge is not in making money, it is in keeping it.

Thanks @AxelDeAcetis I posted something similar re: Livermore last year - some crypto-trolls informed me that "old-man" rules no longer apply to these modern markets. Too bad each generation must learn the hard way.

25 Jesse Livermore Trading Rules: Ultimate Guide

25 of the best Jesse Livermore Trading Rules. A 9000 word Ultimate Guide to the trading legend, Jesse Livermore and his best trading rules.

1/ The DotCom bubble shows that the market isn't very good at valuing early stage technology. I'll use Google vs. Yahoo to illustrate.

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