Nousplatform is NOT just another ICO Project. NST token growth factors!

Author Name: Aleksander Chepelev (CFO, Co-Founder – Nousplatform)

Let’s take a look at the past. Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and was used to pay for the forbidden merchandise on darknet. It does not matter how and where Bitcoin met its demand. The fact is — this demand paved the way for the popularity and price increase of Bitcoin. As a result, traders and investors have recognized that Bitcoin is great speculation tool. Illiquidity of the Bitcoin caused price fluctuations in price by 20%-30% a day.

8 years went by and Bitcoin became one of the most attractive investment instruments. Many of the private investors as well as hedge funds hold Bitcoins in their portfolio. And Japan recognizes Bitcoin as a tender to purchase goods and services. We are witnessing the birth of a new decentralized economy.

Bitcoin cannot be freely issued or discarded. It seemed to the perfect solution until Ethereum was created. With this new “kid on the block” crypto economy acquired a whole new meaning. Bitcoin can be used by peers for payment as a valuable consideration. Ethereum, on the other hand, allows the use of a blockchain to issue different financial assets by utilizing standard ERC20, where ETH tokens used to purchase those assets. It creates a large system of valuables within one blockchain. In essence the more successful companies issuing their tokens based on Ethereum are, the higher the value of the ETH token.

Ethereum was not created to become a cryptocurrency for the purchase of goods or services, but now we see a trend, where more and more services are accepting ETH as a form of payment.

The reason is very simple, ETH today serves a distinct purpose, it is used for new ICOs, for the purchase of tokens issued by other companies for investment or speculation. This is the main reason why investors are holding certain amounts of ETH in their portfolios. As ETH becomes more valuable and more popular, it just makes sense to utilize it as a payment for goods and services.

There is a certain pattern, when crypto currency became more and more popular in their niche, it start being used as a payment for goods and services. This observation became an inspiration for NST token, the value of which will depend not only on the growth of the company behind Nousplatform, but also on the capitalization of the funds created on the platform.

As we already know ETH is mostly used for purchasing tokens during ICOs.

And NST token will be used as follows:

  • Purchasing Assets of the Funds
  • Dividends payouts to Investors
  • Reserves in Open-ended Funds for redemptions of equity shares
  • Commissions payouts for any transaction on the platform
  • Payments for detailed reports
  • Payment for creating Fund
  • Payment for the Escrow services
  • Payment for auditing services
  • Assets Tokenization

As you can see, there are multiple areas of use for the NST tokens in its niche. According to Boston Consulting Group approximately $69 trillion in assets are currently under management (AUM).

We are witnessing the migration of fiat assets into crypto assets and Nousplatform is one of the platforms that accommodates this migration by allowing the creation of any tokenized Funds

The Bitcoin is mainly used as a payment for goods and services, ETH is used for purchasing tokens during ICOs, and NOUS is a crypto-currency for the acquisition of equity shares of the Funds. Nousplatform will provide investors with the most transparent and user friendly conditions for making investment decisions. This fact will make NST token more popular.

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