All Major Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Fail Privacy Tests – 30 Days to Improve

  The South Korean Communications Commission has conducted a survey of major cryptocurrency exchanges in the country and found them to have insufficient customer data protection. Eight exchanges have been sanctioned, with 30 days to

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Championing Decentralized Exchanges, Now Might Be the Perfect Time for Bisq

Removing the potential for a single point of failure, decentralizing gives way to three enduring principles upon which cryptocurrency rests: security, privacy, and censorship resistance. Perhaps the bitcoin community has deviated too far from these

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Meet ‘Cash Shuffle’, the Privacy-Centric Protocol for Bitcoin Cash

This week a new bitcoin cash (BCH) based protocol has been released that aims to add privacy capabilities to BCH transactions. The software, called Cash Shuffle, enables BCH users to obfuscate their transactions by combining funds

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