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Don’t let trolls shake your trading plan. Develop a style and stick to it. Everything else is noise.


a million ways to skin this cat rn but it all comes down to this for me

That's my EOS traded volume in the past 24 hours only. $673,000 of EOS traded which is 0.75% of the entire bitfinex volume. Not too shabby.

This one took long. Been laddering for an hour. $3.5K profit today? Maybe more. Maybe less. Who's counting.

Eventually there must be an end to all the FUD that can be used against $BTC. A letter to Binance. ok. That's hardly the worst news we have heard in a while. Seems like grasping for straws to me as far as FUD goes, can't be that hard to get a permit for an exchange in Japan.

Shorting btc feels bad cos you're profiting of loops' erections, your profits are shameful and dirty

You need the whole package. Which is why I sometimes tweet wins. You require
1) Educational content
2) Reliable and consistent TA
3) Tips and tricks with quick lessons
4) Live trade videos
5) Proof in the pudding of wins and losses
So is it bragging? Nah just to the jealous.

Just on fire. I'm done playing with EOS 🙂 All yours. Just about to finish unloading my 5,000 EOS.

I drove EOS down quite low with hidden walls. My apologies. It was worth the quick $132 profit in 8 minutes though.

I was solo mining earlier this week 😙
On a scrypt coin, using GPUs 😗😗😗
Never thought that could happen in 2018.

Anyone notice BTC falling? While EOS had a hidden wall that drove it down to 11 RSI? No comment.

$bbo #bigbomglobal
gonna put some ETH in the #ICO for @bigbomglobal. first ico on tomochain. decentralized ecosystem for advertisers.
existing business,
experienced team,
tomochain + kyber network founders as advisors. ico hardcap below 7m usd.
Im in

That took long to hit $2,000+ profit today. Last trade for $250 profit in 11 minutes. On a hot hot hot win streak. Zero losses today.

The ability to acquire, exchange and store cryptocurrencies needs to be completely private. Until then it’s all just a meme.

Facebook sells the data they collect from its users?

I thought they were a nonprofit!

I redid my LTC March 22 TA because the last one got out of hand in the live stream.

if you sent me a message or we had a meeting/call scheduled - I've been too sick to do much more than sleep the past day. I'll get back to you soon.

Maybe stock market is down so hard because thoughtful & practical Americans understand the swamp is being filled, not emptied. Republican and Trump leadership AWOL.

Massive spending deal clinched despite Trump’s misgivings

Lawmakers will have to move quickly to avoid a shutdown on Friday night.

IDK what feels worse, getting liquidated or biting the fingernail too much off your thumb and it rips off the bit of the corner

A trader should have opinions about different time frames in same market. When time frames line up it is time to trade, other wise watch.

So who's going to get charged with vehicular manslaughter

Uber or the woman behind the wheel

opened a very small long because I like the macro picture. that low was higher than the one before it.

Noticed in my live trade videos, I pretty much stare at the order book? They can paint a detailed picture of how the market is reacting at that specific time, especially during critical and potentially pivotal supports / resistances. Please study the level 2 and how to read it.

In case BTC breaks, next support regions 8250-8350. we'll play it one support at a time

Folks have been asking me about #eng, #icx, etc.

These are long-term holds for me. I just hold and accumulate to get my DCA down.

I’ll sell once I feel as though its a life-changing amount of money in 2020.

#btc #bitcoin

i) we expected this pullback yesterday and finally topped-off

ii) #btc is looking for bottom currently on this short-term pullback

iii) if #btc closes below $8.4k on the 4-hour chart, my count is wrong

iv) i am bearish - neutral for today until sign of reversal

So scared right now. All my friends are on the BitMex leaderboard.

Thanks for joining me in the live stream. I'm just an angry Asian guy today. My apologies for the tone.

I wonder If #crypto twitter has the collective power to massively shill #bitcoin all over the rest of twitter and many other places on the internet. If such a thing were possible, now would seem like the time to do it.

#Classical_Charting_101 There were two very good spots to sell retests in Dow futures in past 2 days $YM_F $DIA Close below 24204 would be quite negative

#CelerCoin bounty up to 100k. Grab yours:

Can I just gush a little bit about how rad the $crypto community is, attracting people from all sorts of industries who can step in and give an objective look past the BLOCKCHAIN EVERYTHING hype? Thanks for weighing in on ad industry tokens @pyramuscrypto & @AlexR0gan

i'm a simple man

PVV talks, I listen

@coincenter @valkenburgh @epicenterbtc

$mti drops the #presale price #mocho like this steps

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