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If you’re sweating in this market reduce positions, leverage and introduce a hedge.

You can now kick back and let the market breathe.

When it’s time to act, you will know 🙏

If you want to be successful in life... just adopt a Borg mentality. Assimilate everything useful to you.

- Knowledge
- Personality Traits
- Physical Fitness
- Humor
- Everything

Rule your world.

I used to complain about the "when moon" noobs...


I just cri

Don't own any atm (unfortunately), but $Dcr probably has a little more gas in its tank...

.017 is what I'm thinking.

Really sick of @nondualrandy dumping on us plebs. Dude is a total ball gargler.

If you want to get used & abused in life just do what you are taught & is expected of you & you are on the fast track. Real men think for themselves and over time naturally develop authority, wealth and status over most other people as a side-effect because most people never do.

don't fall into society's traps, don't be a conformist, don't be a cuck, and don't do shit for women or care too much about what they think, that's all just a shit-test to test your manhood. Pass the test and then you will find that women are constantly at your beck and call.

Not blocked by @Imperator_Deus Master race reporting in...

the most successful men these days never get married or wait till they are in their late 30's & already established, precisely that kind of guy that gets the girl you were persuing when you both were 20 but ignored U & treated U like a peice of dog shit b/c in her eyes you were.

As a man in his 20's the worst thing you can do is get a woman pregnant then be forced to spend half a million on a house & a bunch of bullshit to provide for your new family so that 5 years later she can take it, your kids, & half your wealth. Law in the west is totally fucked.

men are stupid b/c women don't like to be treated like hookers & when you try to win her favor w/ wealth only thats exactly what you are treating her like. Women are stupid because they tend to throw themselves at men w/ wealth while ignoring quality men that are still making it.

woman only find 20% of men attractive, look it up on . sorry guys but 80% of you are fucked & buying a bunch of bullshit to impress them just makes them hate you more. stop wasting your time & learn what really makes a woman tick which isnt just resources.

Doing what the herd does b/c you care what others think & are peer pressured into living like them, becoming a cuck like them is the fastest way to enslave yourself to a miserbale life of economic servitude. Women are suceptible to this & men ensalve themselves to aquire a woman.

If you feel like you live a boring, unfulfilled, meaningless life, consider that maybe you feel that way because you are. Find meaning needed to have goals worth pursing, instead of filling the gap with an overpriced house full of overpriced bullshit most which you'll never use.

Today's blog post in case you missed it. "US STOCKS" -

your lives, the way you have lost a sense of truth & reality & traded them for false promises, igorance, insecurity & servitude is as great a story as any greek tradgedy. You spend your lives doing things you hate for people you hate to buy shit you hate thinking in ways you hate

only reason any of you are wadge slaves is because you fall for the illusion & choose to be. you are welcomed in for dinner, promised something enticing for free, then hypnotized & become the meal to be eaten. Much like the stories of the greek God Ceres, later Kirk, then church.

It is a legal fiction that a charge can be brought against someone as a defendant were there is no injured party to seek recompense for injury caused to them by said defendant. all these fees, fines and required liscences are predominantly unlawful. As is the entire war on drugs.

After WW2, under the S. security act you are assigned a # written on your birth certificate w/ name in caps: a corporate entity administed under maritime law by the BAR (British accredited registry) Acceptance of this forgos your constitutional rights to the laws of the Republic.

you don't live in a democracy or a democratic republic, you live in the illusion of one, but which is in fact a giant corporation since we allowed the constitution to start being subverted a century ago. The JFK assassination was a message sent from the new government in control.

If the cost of a ramen has doubled in the last decade (seems to be the case) then over the last decade we have had a 7% per year real inflation rate, which is to say that 7% of your wealth held in fiat per is stolen per year, from you, by central bankers, before interest on debt.

YESSSSS YESSSSS keep dumpin dat $Aura... i have so many buys... need fillz homiez



#mocho had one of the best shopping day of the year
otc deals are my new love
love to buy blood /otc new coisn /presale at lovely prices /
if some one tell you 1 mn is expesive and you can run it you will wing even if you pay more
why ?roi is by your side
#masternodes my love

Some of you guys are just fucking morons... like we have been here for 5 years and are "broke"....

Listen noob, I'm not all in on a shitty bag like you. I can always average down. I will always win, because i have capital and time on my side.


Who's ready for some $7k btc and rekt altcoin bottom seller noobs?

why #mocho ?
in 1 month
2 exchages
presale done only 3 node to list on @CryptoBridge
this is bot develplment for every thinhg social network and soo on chat bots
3 event start this week
#masternodes /#pow with low supply 18 mm max

Just because we take the same trade doesn't make we're all going to profit. I put up an EOS setup of mine today, I took the trade, made profit, and quite frankly, I would've at least broken even as soon as I spotted signs of bearish divergence. All trades are always on us.

Happy btc's pizza day! I'd have one and post a pic but I forgot that today was the day.

Both the Trend Model and Chart Model are poised to simultaneously go negative on $ETHUSD unless market holds current levels.

One of the most important things right now is making sure you can afford to be wrong 🙏

#Bitcoin is dropping, but don't worry, I am going LIVE to at least get you mentally prepped for how bad this can get. $BTCUSD Charts Incoming. If you are 20x Long... look away!!! w/ @LeahWald1

For those that recall my confrontation w/ @HarringtonKevin:

By NOT knowing what a #Blockchain is, people invest in Scams & then promote them on stage by using their fame/popularity. This ICO was part of his speech:
ONLY decentralization here is #Bitcoin

$akl @CoinAkula
1st stage sould out
there issome nodes left in stage 2
#presale is in discord
roi is great atm #mastenrodes as a bear killer 😂😂😂😂😂

crypto twitter isnt dead, just the opposite. but it has become an echo chamber, in that the community interacts with itself too much. we need to interact with other parts of twitter and talk about #bitcoin there. and increase the size of the community while building an on ramp.

No but for real, crypto twitter itself is not dead, but for the most part it turned into a obsessive business thing that I dislike. Many profiles that look personal now have a team working on them to build their "brands" and lure more ppl into their paid groups. Meh

Fully anonymous decentralized worker owned coperative organizations run fully on the blockchain with smart contracts, escrow transactions, and multisig addresses will easily out-compete anything other models currently being used.

What has changed? I find it hard to believe that these bots weren’t able to spam like this before. Either they found a loophole (unlikely) or twitter is allowing it.

$SHIP providing an interesting study here for what happens if an ICO neglects what is generally 'recommended' nowadays for token sales -> no sales to US citizens (especially un-accredited) whether wrong or right.

The Swiss bank that relies on the human narrative. Because it relies on the human narrative it will be easy to manipulate and control. Revolutions will come out of this.

People complaining about a bear market whilst you can double your $ETH every day. So ungrateful.

TFW you’re all anonymous and talking about someone else’s appearance.. 🤣🤣

Large backlog of work and emails to go through. Please be patient, will be over a week before will clear up 👍

After all this shit I need a good $crypto shitpost
"May you never be able to forget the 6-digit number every time you punch in a 2FA code." #CryptoCurses

You could say Verge is in a bull flag but it's not looking very positive to be honest.
If the .786 fib level doesn't hold, its back to accumulation zone. A pretty normal altcoin cycle BTW.
Maybe time for a new partnership to pump again?

Makes sense for the $Aura whales to buy all the $idxm so no one can have free trading /must pay them fees.

Impulse bought it ... Ffs the supply is 2k someone will pump this turd

Easy 1.8% scalp on a $12,750 position size over a few hours for a $200 profit. I plan to make at least 4 more of these trades today for a quick $1,000 profit.

#mocho just got 2 new bags $kec & $rel so #ihaveaBag x2 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💎🚀🚀💎🚀🚀💎🚀🚀where? On @CryptoBridge

I've officially completed my Udemy course that has taken me over 1 month to develop and film. Udemy is currently reviewing it and I'll post details ASAP when they're done. Wake up everyday and say to yourself you're worth more. You can do more. Be my student. I'll see you there.

#Bitcoin Brief w/ @LeahWald1, @jimmysong & @giacomozucco to talk New $USDT (Like New New Internet out of China 🙂 from @SiliconHBO, let's call it... $TUSD 😂) + $BTCUD Remittance, $MUFG Mitsubishi Bank Coin & @SEC / NASAA #ICO cross country Crackdown.

this kind of the issue with trying to be all things to everyone at once: you all have different skill levels. I ran a private group for 5 months and in the end too many people didn't use a system and, properly size positions, or practice self discipline.

$ETH | Diagonal broken. Can horizontal hold? With so many ICOs taking place, I have a hard time seeing how. Prove me wrong.

if you ask me the best bag to have #iHaveaBag i will purchase/buy the total supply of #dyor / $dyor
you will never hav enought
#mocho love it
better to do like @notsofast @anambroid @needacoin @SecretsOfCrypto
@CryptoJuggalo @StartaleTV @growdigi just push your #dyor limit

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