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"so you are telling me you ended up shorting the greatest invention since the internet and got liquidated with your entire net worth, while in truth you knew crypto would conquer the world in storm, and now you look back and wish you would just have bought and held?"

Lost a trade right now.

Biggest mistake I see myself whenever I do lose a trade is buying at resistance. This is always the main reason I lose a trade.

Hope my mistakes can help you guys improve too. 🔥?

#notetomyself #again

I respectfully disagree with this...

You learn so much more than advanced topics.

I'm finishing my education despite not having to.

I would encourage anyone here to finish theirs.

Zissou™ on Twitter

“Paid higher education is the biggest scam on earth.”

#Factor_Members Still traveling. Update may not be issued until weekend. Meal can be shorted on retest rally. $ZM_F

$LTC point of maximum financial opportunity in sight

retested previous structure, EMA 200 acting as additional support, StochRSI flatlined and ready to go while volume is steadily declining, waiting for a move. can't see much more downside happening here

ur crypto might not be decentralized if it:

1) has has a C-suite & PR dept
2) puts out monthly reports
3) created all coins & put most holdings in escrow
4) is missing blocks
5) has txns that can be frozen
6) has purposeful brand/name/logo confusion
7) has someone you can sue

TFW you open an old trading program and an ancient trendline you placed months ago is surprisingly accurate & respected

"I got kicked out of a chatroom and my butt hurts about it. I'm very very important, and NOW IT'S PERSONAL." <action movie music>

Also bought an Infinix and Nic salt liquids to have a backup. Should arrive next week, will let you know the differences.

Would be great if I could smoke CT salt instead of nicotine salts on my vapes tho

#Bitcoin Brief w/ @LeahWald @nvk & special guest @BraveTheWorld to talk latest in #Venezuela's $petro, Energy consumption of $BTC Mining, @SEC_Enforcement / @SEC_News $BTCUSD #ETF Rejection of ProShares/Direxion & The 30m epic @BitmexRekt on @BitMEXdotcom

I heard Deribit is the next shiny thing so if you like shiny things you should prob create an account there too:

Key areas for swing trading #bitcoin #bitcoin for today

Swing trading takes longer time to develop. Let the trades present themselves and never chase profits. Opportunities are always out there.

Good morning everyone.

Key areas to scalp/watch out for, for today #btc #bitcoin

Make sure arguments for in favor of bullish/bearish cases are there whenever you trade in your direction. Theory gives you the outline but does not teach you how to trade real-time.

Fuck this Juul and its nic salts are good. Inb4 addiction

Success is being able to tweet naked or shitposting while taking a shit.

if you are messaging me in the hope I will support your project, I won't. save us both the time and energy, dont message me with such intention in the first place. I never have and never will use this platform to advertise anything, and no amount of money will change that, ever

If we cut straight through the bs, the only reason why $XRP exists in the first place is to make Ripple truckloads of shekels.

The ICO that never ends.

Tfw your bags are bigger than the daily volume of these shitcoins

Building up courage to get out of bed and exercise. A bit cold today xD

Never forget: exchanges live from your fees, nothing else. No matter how nice their CEO appears on social media, trying to be your friend claiming they do all for you, what they preach about the future for crypto, how easy trading is on their platform....they want your money.

Yall are getting too bullish on btc tho, idk, not going to put all my eggs there just yet.

Currently writing a book on fine-tuning circadian rythms. From the POV of epic failure.

"The Ripple network is more decentralised than Bitcoin" says the CEO of Ripple

I have been in a controversy over the crypto $DIG, during which I have expressed some harsh personal opinions. I have completely dissolved myself from these threads. It will be up to those with more technical knowledgeable about the coin to provide critique.

"Best coin to swingtrade for nice profit?" It's a question I often get and always reply to look at mid caps. For swingtrading I'm not interested in top 5-8 coins.
They already made their big run and so much needed to do another +100%.

Daily #bitcoin #btc RSI is at 43 already.

Not much time left for the bulls unfortunately. Would need a break above 6.8K!

Bitmain’s IPO putting even the shadiest of ICOs to shame.

The fine folks at @Fantasy_CashMN let me check out their beta site and make up a couple teams.
Looks pretty cool to me! And should be fun to use this upcoming NFL season when it's ready!
Disclosure: I have some $FANS. I was not paid for this tweet.
$NFL #FantasyFootball

Nine (How Ironic ?) #Bitcoin #ETF's regected by @SEC_Enforcement. TRADING RULE: News Does Not Change Trend & this @SEC_News was EXPECTED. The $BTCUSD #shortsqueeze is on. Still looking for a short term Dead Cat Bounce to $7-7.5k them down to $5k.

SEC rejects nine proposed bitcoin exchange-traded funds

SEC Rejects Nine Proposed Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds

The Securities and Exchange Commission rejected applications for nine separate bitcoin-based exchange-traded funds, once again thwarting an attempt to...

Crypto is a damn tough grind.

You need to be street smart with a killers edge or this game will chew you up and spit you out

I see a lot of folks thinking this is forming a H&S.

This is wrong.

H&S forms after an established uptrend.

Think of H&S as wave 3, 4, 5, A, B, C (neckline support or break).

Not everything is manipulation. Price moves up and down according to demand and supply at that moment in time.

Crypto is still a retail driven market and information asymmetry plays a major role.

It's not always because the double secret whale market maker club's evil plan...

Every time we see some China FUD it’s in some writing we can’t read and people believe it anyway.

So many fake rumours have spread like this and they can be quite powerful.

Here I just made some shit up and post a pic of some Chinese tattoos. No one questioned it 👇🤦?♂?

฿ITLORD✨ on Twitter

“🇨🇳 - China is now prohibiting all bitcoin transactions, mining operations and advertisements. This time the ban is more around investment...

Checking on the @CoinistBot open positions and saw this nasty wick on $EOS down 15% and snapped back up all within 5 minutes

For those that didn’t know, this was a troll.

I can’t stand this sort of shit. I’m genuinely blown away by how many DMs I got asking how to trade like this 🤦?♂?

Don’t be so naive or people will take advantage of you ?

฿ITLORD✨ on Twitter

“I just made over 0.0277 BTC in less than 1 min! That’s about $177 USD for the noobs ? There are 1440 minutes per day so that’s ...

I dindu nuffin

Guys I know this is racist so spare me the comments. Just laugh

If you got smashed over the last 24hrs apply this old school rule:

Do not trade during “events? 📜

-Bitmex maintenance
-Sec decision

They are often associated with extreme volatility in both directions.


Seriously, if you’re so shit at life that you have to crawl into my DMs begging for a handout, you are doomed for eternal failure.

Get up off of your ass and wash some dishes, polish some shoes, make art, do something!

Quick Live Trading and Scalp with the team.

No idea what's going to happen next but will try to provide details on next key levels for everyone <3

This market is too fkn easy. Give a brother a goddamn challenge.

?? $BTC ??

both ETFs denied as expected

now we can all move on with our lives

This is why I'm staying out till tomorrow. There is so much uncertainty. When there's doubt, go shopping. It's cheat day. Though, I might consider a scalp long soon when I get home in 1.5 hours.

Please, if you're going to be an asshole just reply to this tweet and save me time, I'm dying to block more ppl today

I have insider info that #ALTSEASON begins September 27, 2018.

Cc @RNR_0

🇨🇳 - China is now prohibiting all bitcoin transactions, mining operations and advertisements. This time the ban is more around investment channels: banning crypto exchanges, mining farms, bitcoin accounts, media outlet and public crypto activities.

Expecting more to hit Sept.

Hm, Juul is gonna be expensive to keep importing the pods here to Brasil tho. $60~ for a 4 pack of pods instead of $16. Might just buy nic salt liquids instead and hack the pods or use Smok's Infinix

This is alll about. Simple don julio 70 reposado órale salud mis compas #Crypto ?@CryptoJAV?

I'm not trading this market until another possible wave down or till tomorrow's ETF decision. Until then, I'm shopping for a cold air intake, headers, exhaust, and a turbo charger. Here's the part you all make recommendations on what to do first and here's also the part IDGAF.

Major alts like $ADA, $ETH, and $EOS nearly taking out lows from last week now that Bitcoin has fully retraced yesterday's pump.

#btc #bitcoin

eyeing 6,300 as support with a resistance now at 6,500.

overall picture looks grim until bulls can surpass 6,800 again and hold.

Funniest part...

If gurus bold statement comes true....

"If you had listened to me, you'd be up 300%"

"*Acts like it's just easy*"

"*Join my paid group*"

No longer about risk management, but appealing to your greed.


Ad_Infinitum on Twitter

“You've seen this right? Guru makes bold statement.. Is wrong AF. "Good thing i had great stop in place" "*Proceeds with lesson in risk mana...

I can't stop thinking about crypto subconsciously, especially EOS. I'm in and out of sleep and visualizing level 2 price action. Did you know that's my biggest skill in trading? I can paint momentum in my head based on market depth and level 2, which is why I scalp. Nifty talent.

#nodebase $NDB
pesale sold out
@CryptoBridge listing fee paid
and #pos / #mn runing
they did a swap to help the #crhonos investor thar got scamed
well done

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