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Welp, glad I saw the writing on the wall and pulled all my funds from @1Foxcom the moment @1Brokerio was taken down.
I am not trading my dox for a final withdrawal of ref dust, no sir.
Pour one out for centralized services... the dex future can't come soon enough!

Haha, considering Ive called @binance a fraud exchange because of their useless/scammy $BNB token it's possible they haulted #Tether in spite, but in reality no one cares about 1 #Bitcoin, it's just another scammy tactick to pump their (un)stable $TUSD which is a $USDT knock off

Ζ¦uΰΈΏen on Twitter

“Conspiracy theory: What if @binance halted the trading of #Tether, just to fuck with @ToneVays‘s publicly announced short ?

$XRP up about 5% on the day and is breaking back into the range.

If daily can close above 7120 sats I expect follow atleast an 8-10% follow through to the upside.

Very important distinction here.

The tokens themselves don't gain exposure to that security token potential, just exposure to the actual business. Investing in Security Token *infrastructure* does.

Bruce Fenton on Twitter

“In other words: Securities tokens are an amazing thing with tons of potential β€” but you don’t gain exposure to that potential by buyin...

Ironically the article mentions little the connections of NPC and Trump besides that the ones making memes are pro-Trump. Media just needs to add Trump to their stories to make it popular. Media addicted to Trump.

The ideology that is rampant in the medical system is sickening. Doctors are presumed all knowing.

#ZDC20108 Wrap up

- Detecting threats faster now
- We know the playbook
- AI automated defense & attack
- Societal challenges tough for security
- time to nationalize standards
- support and embrace innovation

Thanks @zerodaycon for scaring the Cyber bejeezus out of me

Business that takes care of your medical records. Why do we give doctors control?

We've never really looked into the impact of foreign intervention on the past election.

We don't know what happened if we don't look.

3,000+ counties and no one is doing a good job.

- @richardclarke

#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

The success of Fortnite is that it was free.

Broke down all the gates for your customers. Cross-platform play.

"remember when these attacks where from a kid in the basement on @redbull and πŸ•"

Now we know who they are by name, all of them foreign military officers

Maybe we are at war?

#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

"Urban Dictionary poisoning Watson"

I guess we're safe from the AI threat for a few more years so long as we keep adding submissions to Urban Dictionary

#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

looks realy good
53 $ mm marcket cap
10 mm circualting supply
chart πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Some questions I've been asking myself before replying to posts:

- Would my reply add value?
- Is it a sign of support?
- Is it at least funny?
- Am I ok?
- Is it worth my time?
- If I'm accusing, can I prove it or make sense?

If I can't answer yes to 1, I prob shouldn't reply

not thebest time to buy btu eder tha bad one
also CB added so let rock

I've taught you guys a lot I hope. Though always remember as well that patience for the right trade is just as important as being diligent with technical analysis. Mama whale's going under water for a bit to relax and will wait for the right play still.

The big firms moving into crypto are just a new batch of noobs.

They don’t know shit.

There is nothing that can quite prepare you for this.

You need to be fucked hard and long real good before it all starts to make sense.

We've got to devalue sensitive personal information or there will continually be dark markets surrounding the theft of that information

ie we need to disconnect financial services from SSN

#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

#1 type of attack/threat recently are phishing scams

First mention of Bitcoin today.

#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

Data isn't the new oil

Data is the new water

70% of the Earth is covered in it but we can't use it

Need to find useful ways to harness and make sense of Big Data

#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

Fake news questioning the integrity of an election much more likely than changing votes directly

#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

Historically investing in infrastructure has never out-performed $BTC. h/t @arjunblj

@jmonegro has also talked about this comparing Coinbase investment with $BTC returns (led to FPT)

What infrastructure sector would you invest in vs $BTC?? *if any...

Chance the correction is over -- bull market to continue with target of 28094 $DJIA $YM_F This tweet will do doubt encounter response from perma bears.

Re: IoT

Devices are unsecure by design due to:

- Cost
- Lack of regulation
- Lack of consumer demand

#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

There are emerging near peer and peer capabilities in cyber warfare - new existential threats beyond just nuclear

#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

IoT being hit with hacks from every direction - DVRs, water meters, etc. - mainly from Russia.


#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

Unprecedented breeches occurring regularly

- Pentagon
- Super micro chips - Amazon/Apple
- British Airways
- Yahoo/Facebook
- Equifax

5 billion personal documents available for sale in the dark web by 2020

#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

I'mma go ahead and not connect to WiFi at a cyber security conf - these ppl know things lol

#Paranoid #HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

is anyone else getting these notifications on twitter? started this morning and has been going on for hours.

when i click it it’s not a mention or dm. it just opens the app.

Ominously displaying the NORSE map in the auditorium before the talks and panels begin

#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

"developing blockchain product to create immutable access log for files - shows company and auditors who is accessing what and when"


#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

"Crypto exchanges a increasingly using the product throughout 2018 as more businesses realize that KYC/AML is necessary and unavoidable"


#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

Live tweeting from @zerodaycon today

Get to learn about cyber security

#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

now i need coins to moon so i can take partial profit and reinvest in my new low/tiny cap list
lol pease do ti now #Crypto πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸš€πŸŒš

My recommendation for futures trading:
Broker -- ADMIS -- Jolleen can provide you with contact info
Trading platform -- @TradeNavigator
Trading API bridge -- CQG Trader
Note: I receive no compensation (hard or soft) for these recommendations

With @ValCoins and her husband. Amazing hosts that will show me around Romania.

if yuo want to get rish fast with no work
better buy a lotery tiket and go home
#crypto / #alts trading investing is more like to be a hunter
99% of the time you just wait
patiense is what make you money
no overtrade or try to phlip coins
#mocho s quaote

Ledger Nano S - The Swiss bank small enough to fit in your rectum is currently available at a 20% discount.

Choose life. Choose comfort.
Choose Ledger πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

On my way to Brasov where @ValCoins and I plan to trade. She will officially be the first person I trade with in person and mentor for 4 days. Jealous? 😜😜

Live look $BTCUSD Charts from #Bnagkok Airport headed to #ChiangMai. #Bitcoin

the technical analyst in me is pissed that the charts are rekt at the end of a multi-month consolidation period

can't we just have a clean break up or break down in a vacuum with a nice entry?

Opinions are like stable coins, everyone has one but most are trash

Twitter needs to make it easy to save videos and gifs. Their power comes from the strength of their content. If you make it easy for users to save from other sites and post high quality content. They will do so.

two ppl IRL have now asked me about Nouriel's thoughts on crypto

this guy might be a moron but he's def got some eyeballs on what he says

The moment you realize your 5 minute cab fare and your hotel costs the same, is the moment you realize the cabby ripped you off. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Pretty sad they took all my gel, colognes, tooth paste, and other liquids... I guess even mama whale gets... Liquidated πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Pre-ZDC dinner w/@dickerson_des & @HankThomasDC

Check out our panel tomorrow on Digital Privacy

#HackingDemocracy #ZDC2018

I'm eating a hamburger with peanut butter and grape jelly all over it.

Don't @ me.

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