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I've never been a fan of the way Palm Beach Confidential reports, cause a temporary spike in price, but their FA is decent.
In their latest report, they analysed $VET in 21 pages and their long term target is $0,265 which is +3850%

Rumor Mill: @Greenpeace looking to invest in Bitcoin mining farm

NEW Coin Notes: 5 minute quick vid to help you keep up with crypto:

- $BTC range
- Alts relationship with $btc currently
- Is 8/23 important for Bitcoin?

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Margin short seems smart here

Higher the leverage, the better

Just keep piling it on

Gotta make those gainz

i realy think that the buisnes /token model are broke and never should be the same again but people have low time frame memory so it will repit again and again imo #ico need to stop lets go to #pow fear launch again #miners are ready

🤘 Nye The Crypto Guy🤘 on Twitter

“I’m all about transparency. I think this is THE place where $crypto companies fuck up and lose connection with their investors. If an...

Like I said, when I finish those steaks, I planned to be up ~ $200. Cheers to $183 USD in 1 hour of work. I also gave you guys my scan and said it was a great scalp opportunity. Give me a BAM if you got in on this scalp!

Thank you sir ❤️I don't care what people say / think. I do this on my own time. I don't monetize to make profit off my followers. Everything I do is free. You expect me to appease you or produce content that fits your needs, here's a middle finger. Unfollow if there's a problem

nonyabiz on Twitter

“Say what you want about him but @PhilakoneCrypto is putting out content in which he is explaining most of what he’s doing and why. One of...

My bestie is a POS liar. New pan, new salt, new range. Little too salty. But still so good.

By the time I'm doing cooking these new York strips, I plan to be $200 up

Lesson time. This is how I evaluate which coins to long after these kinds of drops. If you've never seen how I do my scans after downtrends, grab your pen out and take notes.

#btc #bitcoin

bulls have a lot of proving to do and they're running out of time

I'm pretty sure @peepethApp will hit all its Kickstarer crowdfund stretch goals. It'll bloat the eff out of the $ETH chain, but scaling needs a catalyst and @Twitter needs a proper uncensorable competitor.


TLDW: alts on the Thurs/Fri pump were a bounce to sell into. Almost all have no given up those gains or are cheaper...allowing you to rebuy more now or wait.

Snip is from the daily video I do with the group. Thought it would be helpful!

VentureCoinist | Crypto Analysis and Education

VentureCoinist - Professional cryptocurrency analysis and consulting services. Join the community of 125k+ active crypto traders and investors.

Never been to Marshalls. Biggest "whoa" I've had in a while. Got ten items for 1/4 the price of my Moncler sweats. Don't ever be a snob. Nice stuff is nice stuff.

This One Weird Trick Will Make You... ah go fuck yourself with those phrases. A guy legit did this for his private group recently. 😂😂

Bullish news ✅
Meh technicals ✅
Bullish community ✅

Don’t forget to pack your parachute as a carry-on.

Bored today so the boys and I went on a shopping spree date. Anything happen in the market?

$mbc @MasterBit_Coin
maybe come out with somthing good .......just saying
i would have some eyes on it

I’m looking for the best NEW traders to crypto!

If you think you are a gun, or know a gun, tag them below 👇

We are going to see how good they really are @gtraderpro 😏

The best investments have bread crumbs of potential but have, what seems like, an overwhelming amount of downside.

I try go to Europe every year. Favorite flight is Lufthansa to Frankfurt. Only 747 Denver direct Europe. Love upper deck but must sit on starboard side on return because of sun on port side.

Peter Brandt on Twitter

“As a pilot I love watching flight videos on YouTube @PilotsEYE Best flight video ever. Lufthansa A380 departure from San Francisco https://t...

People are willing to pay a lot of money to be liked by the crowd and fit in. Create a market that fosters this need.

Seeing many tweets about the uncertainty of the market. In these cases, I exercise extreme patience. I never itch to get in a trad or take unnecessary risks. See my positions? None. Patience pays off. But I've got $125K+ ready to short, and $50k+ ready to long always on standby.

Alts are back to acting as leveraged $BTC positions.

It's important to understand how alts (bitcoin value) will react based on Bitcoin moves, and what your alt exposure has you positioned for.

for historical on when its been different or switched:

Boring day so far. I missed my chance while int he shower. So I'm heading out to buy some pots and pans. Have never cooked ONCE using the stove / oven. And my crappy BBQ died on me already. GRrrr.

living that sky lyfe over at @1Foxcom

MASSIVE TRADE for me here #blessed

make an account now so you can be ready when social trading is available

Quick morning scan. Based on a quick scan, I have no interest in any coin. Though I plan to do a much more detailed TA on all coins to myself that can reveal hidden gems from an EW perspective.

will be entering a $BTC long with $6626 break, SL placed below 6k support around $5800 (below low of the weekly candle). anticipating Higher Low reversal and rejection at EMA 100 in Weekly, EMA 200 in 3D. if $6626 does not get triggered, no position will be entered.

Making a spreadsheet showing returns from my 15 largest ICO investments in the past 12 months. How many would you guess are still positive?

(beating $ETH)

events this week

21st - senate hearing on blockchain energy use

22nd - BitMex downtime

23rd - ProShares ETF delay/denial

A Dummies’ Guide to Happiness:

1) Wake up at 9:41PM.

2) Read Multicoin’s bullish 29-page long $EOS report from April.

3) Log onto BitMex, check up on your $EOS short.

#btc #bitcoin

i/ range trading now between the red and blue lines

ii/ eyeing 6,300's

iii/ needs to get above to establish potential 6,500 - 6,600 target ranges

iv/ bearish short-term until proven otherwise - just making lower-highs for now off the recent pump

Good morning baby whales. In the morning, I love to brush my teeth by the window and look at the boats and canoes go by. Very relaxing. Let me hit up the gym, get breakfast, then I'll do a morning scan and TA for BTC. See ya soon.

I could care less what other people think about a given market. In fact, I could care little what I think about a given market. I have often taken a position opposite my presuppositions because the charts commanded me to do so

$BTC has given higher lows for the past week starting at the $5800 yearly low. This morning could decide if that short term trend continues...

Every once in a while when I feel myself slacking with work, content, trading, gym, or anything else it's a really easy fix to either physically write down my goals or to review them.

Have a great fucking week people of crypto twitter - make the most of your time and Bitcoin.

Regardless of crypto prices there has never been more people working together with a common goal:

-Global adoption.

The space is growing rapidly and it’s not slowing down 🔥

#BTC will go to 6.6K plus or minus a couple thousand. ✔️👌

just need a trickle to start that waterfall up and we good


Shadow banning doesn’t need to be widespread. Just focus on censoring the prominent talking heads when they say shit we don’t agree with. This sways the conversations that take place on the platform.

BAM! Easy $700+ USD today! Just banked $265 on this trade while BBQ'ing with my squad. Work anywhere. Eat everywhere. Enjoy life everywhere. That's my style.

Come BBQ with my little squad and my bff @KarimTony10 . We got steak, chicken wings, rice, and beer / fish jerky. Always enjoy Sunday because it should be family and friends day. As hard as I work, we have to treat ourselves to good company always.

feels like bottom of the ninth with two outs going into this weekly close rn

not gunna lie

I love @DamascusApparel and would totally love to collaborate on a $crypto-inspired line from you guys, where you only accept $crypto as payment.
Fuck, I'd even fund its creation. Would you want to talk?

DAMASCUS on Twitter

“Black stuff.”

The @DigitalPriceOrg exchange implemented ref links. If you want to go dump shitcoins like $TROLL to 0, here is my reflink:

Want to see what a typical weekend for me is like? Lots of family friends and family and food.

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