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Annoying Q for @CryptoTaxGirl:
Say I'm in a high tax bracket, my marginal tax rate is >50%.
Involuntarily I get an airdrop of tokens worth $1000 to my public $ETH address
To pay tax on it I have to sell it to $ETH
Then sell that $ETH to USD
Do I owe IRS more than airdrop value?

Git yo self a qt-wallet here. It stores your private keys and stakes new TROLLs if you like. It'll take awhile to sync unless you dl & google how to use the bootstrap.
You can buy $TROLL at and withdraw it to:
"@trolltip address"


Lil Baby is the next rap megastar

Quavo shouldn't be allowed on a solo track

Got that weird anxious-bullish feeling where you're sort of starting to turn bullish but also mentally making fun of anyone else that is bullish & visualising them as kamikaze pilots because shit looks fucked as fuck

LIVE from @BlockSpaces_io in #Tampa #Florida for a an awesome #Bitcoin meetup for Audience Q&A on all things #Crypto $BTCUSD price action:

Very hot pick right now. Please pre order fast. Supplies are running low. Prices are about to Ponzi.

If everyone thinks 3K #btc...

Now I’m scared. πŸ˜¨πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

How I Trade When I’m Too Busy:

1. Plan trades Sunday (4-HR Timeframe)
2. I scan over 250 coins easily using Crypto Screener
3. Identify Uptrend vs. Downtrend
4. Set alerts on retrace levels
5. Enter on pullbacks
6. Exit at key levels
7. 2 - 5 trades a week

#nostress #nonoise

It's time. I've registered for LinkedIn in an opsec-secure way. I'm seriously, openly, perpetually looking for more opportunities to build and work in $crypto. Though I am exquisitely picky and my time will not come cheap, @notsofast is open for business.

After I finish this, I'm going on a shopping spree. And you can't stop me @sarahjo925

Guys... @NeerajKA is @senorLupe

Irrefutable proof coming soon

Expecting a bearish flag to form and break down before I finish shopping for Xmas presents.

If you weren't so baked all the time ...

And you took the best algae for mental clarity...

You'd realize that you can just global mute it.

lordflockoo on Twitter

“spend more time muting FFs than trading on a Friday”

Dunno what's wrong with you guys...

Spend all day talking to a fake racist Mexican meme that tells you that your are a "fren"

Lot of mental issues here apparently.

One of the worst things to happen to a novice swing or position trader is to get chopped up in a trading range anticipating a breakout only to lose the capital and nerves necessary to take a meaningful position if/when the breakout eventually occurs.

A new report by @NASA shows the worlds Christmas lights use more energy in 7 days than the #bitcoin network does in a whole year πŸ€“

How’s that for efficiency!

Selling $BTC shorts if anyone’s interested. Lemme know.

Give the master of the @whocrypto charts a follow as a thank you and win free coding!

#CT fits perfectly on this quote πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

Will be pushing out a ton more video content again. Uploaded a quick vid giving an intro for using fib levels

> Interviews with traders/funds on @Proof_of_Pod
> Once weekly market review
> 5 minute quick vids on TA tools/approaches I use

Don't miss it ->

$crypto adoption really can be this simple.
@MonetaryUnit @flubitweet $MUE

Look at your #altcoin bags, your multi-million dollar ICO bags.
How many of them are onboarding tens of thousands of new $crypto users (under the hood) using a familiar system of "cashback" rewards for online purchases?
$MUE is doing this. They are not.

MonetaryUnit on Twitter

“$MUE cashback to be offered to tens of thousands of non-crypto shoppers through cashback strategy for mobile users htt...

A new #Crypto and #bitcoin report was published for Bitcoin Live members. "Peter Brandt’s Crypto Update, December 14th Edition"

Link to post:

$BTC map going into Friday NY open.

Wait for a condition/trigger to be met, whatever it is for you, before getting into the market.

Btc shorts are still in danger zone. I expect to ladder down from 3.2k To 3k ranges. As soon I finish at the gym, Im doing a live BTC TA.

Can I present to the Court an Evidence Item labeled BCH showing that all BTC forks are scams?

want to launder money? try this immutable and fully public ledger!

Trading #Bitcoin - $BTCUSD lost $3,300, is a new year low in the cards soon? Let's have a quick look at the charts:

Prior to crypto trading, were you an active trader in other financial markets?

The bottom is close when even Suppoclown starts to draw S&R on a chart πŸ˜‚

The new fav term of the ETH maximalist is DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

With these rates you can get access to our Market Watch for less then €200 p/month!

There are lots of things in the air of Pattaya. True love is not one of them.

some #pos / #masternodes that are doing rearly well
$gic ( seting 10 nodes atm )
$bco (staking on @CryptoBridge )
$xptx and $tri are a ganble but i love them ( no develpement so dotn ask )

too much hate or too much love is bad
why you guys get too emotional this is a busisnes not a nurcery or kindergarden lol
#crypto buy/mining /stake /profit /repit
many froget about this ..........πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ» #ihaveabag

Let's be honest: This whole "we're in this together, Fam" is a farce.
As soon as your shit coins start pumping again, you will try to dump it on that guy who's on your #FF or on that girl whoms motivational tweet you just liked.

BTC Dec 14th Technical Analysis. Bears are once again in control. The symmetric triangle breaks down as expected. I hope you got in. Entry was at $3,450-$3,500 range upon breaking down. What's next? Simple.

People that was bitcoin bearish from $1k last year coming out 17k later

β€œHA! Told you fuckers!”

Been playing with the Daily OHL tool from @TraderX0. Nice way to keep short term bias in check each day having the daily open marked.

Give him a follow if you aren't already. Sharp trader that consistently puts out clean looks at Bitcoin price action.

Give me one day of rest then we trade. Back home in Winnipeg. Missed my trading office and especially my bed.
You guys get me till @sarahjo925 gets here on the 17th. Then I might disappear for 2 weeks for the holidays 😍

Do you miss my trading room where the magic happens? I sure missed it. Back in Canada and settled in nicely. Tomorrow, let's trade my baby whales.

The bottom is in when the analysts working for coin projects give their green light to release all the news and developments they stocked up.

Next bear market, I’m just gonna flip the screen and keep trading like a bull.

Confession guys... @IamNomad is a bot that I wrote (that's why it's so bad)...

Been broken for a while I will fix it soon I'm sorry it's on the list

#btc #bitcoin

Update from last video tweet. Hope these small updates/videos help - let me know if they do!

Retesting the lows currently - possible paths and areas to lookout for moving forward.

It is actually cool that there's a $SAFEX army and it consists of real people and no bought bots or bought polls.

#FactorMembers We are working on private delivery mechanisms. New high close by $RMW could be a good sign.

So on my Trading #Bitcoin show earlier today I said "I think $BTCUSD is in for an EXTENDED bear market cause too many fools still believe in #shitcoins & it's hard for me to see $BTC rise till even #ethereun & $EOS go belly up"
The best example of #shitcoin sentiment is:

The mentality of entering a trade closest to where you would be wrong has been on repeat in my head, and is something I'm continuing to work on.

Exercising discipline is probably more important than identifying the next falling wedge or ascending triangle.

Tbh AF....

No #bitcoin bull run until Thomas Lee turns bearish

One account has to leave Twitter forever for bull run to begin...


I can see how Bitcoin wallet number can be helpful in estimating adoption, or new entrants...but I doubt people delete/consolidate Bitcoin wallets if price drops

With this metric seems like fair value would increase each cycle, and really never drop.

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