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1/ @CumberlandSays raising the question of how #Ethereum miners will react if EIP 858 is put in place, dropping the coinbase reward from 3 --> 1 $ETH.

"Alexander Bain, a Scottish inventor who had patented the electric clock, had transmitted images telegraphically in the 1840s but the Nipkow disk improved the encoding process."

SciHi on Twitter

“On August 22, 1860, German TV pioneer Paul Nipkow was born, best known for having conceived the idea of using a spiral-perforated disk to divid...

#Bitcoin is doing America’s job for it by attacking China. 👍👍👍

The only way to attack #Bitcoin is to out-hash it and that is now a virtual impossibility. All central banks, banks, regulators; surrender now before it gets really ugly. #YouHaveBeenWarned 😀👍

I’ll be speaking at Block Blockchain “Satoshi Is Black” Sept 10. Tix avail.

People who are serious about protecting their privacy use long keys, and people who are serious about violating privacy try to pass laws restricting the length of those keys.

Thanks to the support of Patreon subscribers, I'm donating 247 free copies of Mastering Bitcoin and The Internet of Money, to high school @hackclub locations in the US, India and Spain

#bitcoin #theInternetOfMoney

Donating hundreds of books! | Andreas M. Antonopoulos on Patreon

Official Post from Andreas M. Antonopoulos: Patrons, together, we’re helping to train the next generation of bitcoin and open blockchain coders!...

Just started using Lolli 🍭 to earn bitcoin when I shop online. It’s awesome & I think you should check it out! Use my link & we’ll both earn $1 in bitcoin: via @trylolli

Lolli: Earn Bitcoin When You Shop

Earn free bitcoin when you shop online from one of our many retailers! 🍭

I'll be speaking at Black Blockchain in DC on Sept. 10 "Satoshi Is Black: #Bitcoin Emancipation"

KEYNOTE: Satoshi Is Black: Economic Liberation!

Max Keiser

Prediction: Bitmain will burn some amount of their BCH instead of selling it as a way to promote BCH scarcity, avoid the low liquidity and as a gamble to pump the price.

Eventually the truth that Bitcoin/Ethereum blockchains don't scale becomes so obvious that you can't help but admit it.

Also, the actual threshold is a bit under 30%

Inventors of the most important technologies in Bitcoin: digital signatures and Merkle trees (Merkle), elliptic curve crypto (Koblitz), malicious-fault-tolerant consensus (Lamport), elliptic curve crypto (independent inventor: Miller).

From @kanzure: "The Current State Of The Pursuit Of Biological Immortality" (pdf)

After @CryptoSprings, everyone will ask, why can’t every conference be this good...

You’re not listening. This is not about economics at all. This is about an unknown force getting us to build this network for them for reasons that are not yet entirely clear.

Guillermo M. on Twitter

“@bitcoinization @PowersmartL @maxkeiser @stacyherbert @brockpierce If you can’t make a pie at a profit it simply means costs do not deter...

Chesterton's archaeology: rediscovering what was once important, and might still have been very beneficial, had it not already been torn down.


Related: techno-reactionaries rebuilding Chesterton fences with new material.

Proxy measures, sunk costs, and Chesterton's fence

G.K. Chesterton ponders a fence: In the matter of reforming things, as distinct from deforming them, there is one plain and simple princip...

I'm impressed by the methodology used in this philosophical analysis. This is how social science progresses: clearly identify and defend your assumptions, then work to show how they logically imply the conclusion. (Author is @alexanderliegl)

A deductive valuation framework for cryptocurrencies

Foresight in an immature market

[VIDEO] starting at 13:15 - - listen to young generation Puerto Rican’s talk about why new crypto wave means less are leaving the island and many are moving back. @brockpierce @RestartWeek @scottwalker99

Looking forward to #Brexit fail. Clan Maxwell is readying our armies to march South. For an historical primer, check out “Outlaw King” trailer.

I talked with a young entrepreneur in Puerto Rico about the new crypto wave (starts at 13:15 - ) One interesting point; many young people who might ordinarily leave PR are staying, and many are moving back. This is a definite positive.

Even if I needed to contact Temasek, I guess I would have used Wechat or something. Oversea phone call’s quality is very bad. I don’t have the convenience to comment most of the news related with Bitmain, but they are mostly as fake as this.

As the (unofficial) leader of Scotland’s Clan Maxwell, I side with the North. #Brexit crash-out will cripple London and Northerners will then march on Westminster and Buckingham Palace and finally crush these bastards. The North remembers. Our time is now.

Hash rate is price-insensitive. There is no relationship between cost and price, or even price and value in the case of #Bitcoin. Miners’ actions are locked in the protocol’s crypto (read: hidden) plan to dominate global computational capacity for reasons not yet entirely clear.

Guillermo M. on Twitter

“@PowersmartL @maxkeiser @stacyherbert @brockpierce Costs do not determine prices. I produce a pie in 1 hour and you produce the same pie in 2...

Time for ‘Burning Man’ - when drug-addled billionaires decide to buy #Bitcoin en masse. #RallyTimeOnThePlaya

In the USA it is currently illegal to use your 1st amendment right to share plans about your 2nd amendment right. That's why @BitcoinCom is offering matching funds in #BitcoinCash for @DefDist. Learn more at:
#GunControl #GunControlNow #2a #2ndAmendment

As a teenager I was fascinated and disturbed after watching "The Game". Now I realize the synopsis ought to be: "Bored millionaire is less bored after brother pulls series of horrific pranks that give him PTSD for life."

Thanks @AaronvanW for letting me know that a group of scammers are impersonating me on Skype. Be careful out there people...

Giving up true ownership for convenience has generally been a bad bet long term.

TORONTO: Keiser Report: Financial Terrorism (E1269) via @YouTube

Hash rate never stopped skyrocketing. Price always hits new ATH. Price is a lagging indicator.

The BCH community should NOT compromise with Craig Wright to "avoid a split" and should embrace it as an opportunity to conclusively ostracize and reject him. Bitcoin Craig (BCC) can go take the ticker symbol from the now-defunct cryptocurrency to which it is a fitting successor.

Too many people think they have a vote in your decisions. In a truly free market you don't get to tell people what to do.

To me "market capitulation" is not about fear, but rather about disgust and indifference. Fearful investors still have hope, capitulated investors don't.

[email protected] please provide proof that @Bourdain told you to pay hush money, or we’re left with the impression that you raped a kid, then smeared the excellent reputation of your boyfriend #SheToo

Today’s show: Keiser Report: Financial Terrorism (E1269) via @YouTube

Paul Sztorc @Truthcoin obviously has not read @saifedean ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ #Bitcoin is the hardest form of money ever. This is what the book is about and yet Paul and other concern trolls seem more interested in perpetual English pedo scandals and miss the point. 😕

Paul Sztorc on Twitter

“Accurate review of Saifedean's extraordinarily disappointing (and, at times, outright disgraceful) book”

Peter Thiel's philosophy on the skills required to grow a startup:
- ability to become a magnet for talented people
- ability to asymmetrically assess people

"It's the only way to stay competitive in the face of incumbents"

Tyler Whirty @twhirty_ misses an opportunity to let us know that @saifedean has convincingly made the case that #Bitcoin is the hardest form of money ever. This is what the book is about and yet Whirty gets bogged down in pedo scandals and misses the point. #WorthlessReview

Tyler Whirty on Twitter

“I just published “The Bitcoin Standard: A Missed Opportunity””

State education is detrimental, not beneficial to society. It produces people who attribute good to the state for no reason.

So exciting to see new hardware wallet designs on the market. I saw a BitBox prototype last year, it features a micro SD card slot for quick backup & recovery.

Bitbox | Minimalist hardware wallet

Simple Secure Sturdy

Incidentally, I love how quoted Twitter tweets get embedded inline in the Peepeth interface. Between this and the "peep and tweet at the same time" feature, great way to erode network effect moats all around! #TearDownThatWall

1/ In "Good to Great", author Jim Collins uses the metaphor of the flywheel: disciplined people and a consistent vision eventually lead to extraordinary growth. Contrasts it with charismatic 'rockstar' CEOs who jerk the company around, causing it to lose momentum.

"The case for central bank controlled digital currencies" - @TamasBlummer

Oppression comes from concentrated power. The solution isn't to change the people in power, the solution is to decentralize the power.

Old laws are rarely able to resist new technologies.

Allowing strangers' words to affect you negatively is a hole in your Twitter game. Much as in hodling, not paying attention is a virtue.

False. You have listed ‘mixed economies,’ economies that are part capitalist, part socialist.

This is what draining the swamp looks like. Bonehead Phil Mudd can’t handle the truth he’s a venal, conceited tyrant cashing checks selling out America. #Kudos to Paris Dennard for staying calm.

CNN on Twitter

“"Zero. I get zero dollars from consulting companies that deal with U.S. government. Are we clear?" Counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd takes e...

Complete this list:

1. "Funding secured" (Musk)
2. "Truth isn't truth" (Giuliani)

“There is a principle of Defensive Decentralization: when besieged, a well constructed decentralized system will further decentralize.” [email protected]

On Emergent Centralization

Observations on Robust Decentralized Systems

There definitely exist ideas that are both true and dangerous; this sentence is one example.

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