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Silver Guru Video: “The End of Empire and End of Fiat Currencies” via @maxkeiser

I did the test tonight. I am a "Campaigner" (ENFP). Ten years ago I was ENFJ, so I evolved from "judging" to "prospecting". My wife is the very rare "Advocate" (INFJ). Plenty of food for conversation!

Keiser Report: Manafort Drained From Bipartisan Swamp (E1281) via @YouTube

Good robustness indicator. Source:


Human nature being what it is, people will lie more about that which is hard to verify. The less transparent something is, the less trust should be given it.

A prolonged bear market is the best thing #crypto could've asked for to expose projects that never planned to deliver in the first place.

The always successful "stick your head in the sand" model of security.

We're not going to be able to take face swapping away from well-funded bad guys like governments. But we can at least level the playing field and give the public the accurate info on its capabilities.

.@ParisHilton @stacyherbert @maxkeiser in Soho, NYC Fri. Night talking crypto, #FashionWeek and bagels.

Dad wisdom:

The best thing that can happen when you first go to a casino is to lose a little bit of money, because that teaches you the whole thing is a scam.

The worst thing that can happen when you first go is to win big. That's how you lose your house the next time.

Credit to @IoniAppelberg for creating this wonderful animation. Still waiting for @ethereumJoseph to bet me.

BCH will continue its roadmap to build electronical cash on base protocol and encouraging permissionless innovation in layer-2. I see lots of buidlers are working so hard! Fake Satoshi can never stop us.

I’m in HK telling UBS executives the miracle of #BItcoinCash. Send them a small tip to show them how amazing BCH is! bitcoincash:qpmktdpkjc5ysv9c8fkxzz02szgn04aqmstc0yq9qa

The Next Financial Crisis Is Right on Schedule (2019) via @maxkeiser

[KR1277] Keiser Report: Fracking Financial Crisis Lurking via @maxkeiser

I support the brave performers who are speaking up against their (former) employer, theatre producer Jan Fabre. A milestone for #MeToo in Belgium. Here's their open letter in English:

Massive Deficit Spending Greenlights Waste, Fraud, Profiteering and Dysfunction via @maxkeiser

Central Banks Have Gone Rogue, Putting Us All at Risk via @maxkeiser

Bank Of England Warns Of UK House Price Crash and “Catastrophic” Financial Crisis As Bad As 2008 via @maxkeiser

Many have mentioned this podcast between @TraceMayer & @CaitlinLong_ , and I agree it's worth a listen:

The discussion around asset-based monetary systems (#bitcoin) and debt-based monetary systems (fiat), is particularly noteworthy.

Because of unexpected circumstances I sadly had to cancel my attendance at . Hope to join next year!

1/ When studying non-fungible #cryptoassets, I'm seeing two types discussed: "functionals" and "investment instruments."

This is guaranteed to lead to bigger losses.

ICOs are fundamentally a bad idea in almost all cases; providing a regulatory framework will just legitimize scams and make it less risky to pull them off.

AMZN HQ2 betting odds. Top 4: N. Virginia, Wash. D.C, Austin & Boston.

In a centralized system, focus is on the words of the people in charge and individual actions don't mean much.

In a decentralized system, focus is on the actions of everyone and words don't mean much.

If you agree that good and evil acts remain such whether they are done by a private person, or a government agent then it logically follows that the government agents should have the same rights as private individuals.
In other words, govt should not exist.

Crypto Haiku: (inspired by @kyliu99)

So many claim to
be revolutionary
yet ask permission

Thesis: altcoin valuation reflects trust in the coin's centralized leadership.

Provocative exploration of #crypto valuations that goes a layer deeper than all prior works, starting with the question of: “what do we value?”

Carnivory and Bitcoin are similar in this way:

You store wealth in Bitcoin and you are free from having to think so much about money.
You eat meat and you are free from having to think so much about food.

I'm addicted to caffeine. When I wake up, I can't do/say/see/hear anything until I have a double espresso. A few weeks ago I started training myself to have my first cup when I get to the office (about 20 minutes from when I wake up). I've noticed a HUGE difference.

Dedication in a centralized system is defined by how loyal you are to your boss.

Dedication in a decentralized system is defined by how much you are willing to suffer in order to make your goal happen.

What are the best estimates for # of developers building *on top* of #Bitcoin and #Ethereum?

I believe that Bitcoin should strive to be P2P electronic cash for the world as soon as possible through onchain scaling.

Coming soon:

ETH heads will be saying how low price is good for adoption because it's a world computer and more people will be able to afford running their smart contracts on it.

Clever use of spaces by a ETH giveaway scammer to make it harder to see the different username on the Android client.

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