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Incidentally, I love how quoted Twitter tweets get embedded inline in the Peepeth interface. Between this and the "peep and tweet at the same time" feature, great way to erode network effect moats all around! #TearDownThatWall

Trying to use the "peep and tweet at the same time" feature of Peepeth, round 2.

1/ In "Good to Great", author Jim Collins uses the metaphor of the flywheel: disciplined people and a consistent vision eventually lead to extraordinary growth. Contrasts it with charismatic 'rockstar' CEOs who jerk the company around, causing it to lose momentum.

It's amazing the epicyclic knots the political elite tie themselves up in in order to grant themselves special rights and squash the general rights of everybody else. Ditto for journalists and free speech. Free speech for them, censored social networks for everybody else.

Tulips de' Medici ⚡️ on Twitter

“@NickSzabo4 The idiocy of revoking clearance being equated to free speech is impressive. Clearance limits free speech. It’s information t...

A former unelected senior official, whom the Commander-in-Chief, ultimately responsible for our security, was trusting with security secrets, called that elected President a traitor. There are vastly greater problems with such sedition than the President's mere dislike of it.

Ari Fleischer on Twitter

“I think this POV is correct. But they should not be revoked on the basis of whether or not the president likes what you say on TV. I have no u...

"The case for central bank controlled digital currencies" - @TamasBlummer

Oppression comes from concentrated power. The solution isn't to change the people in power, the solution is to decentralize the power.

Old laws are rarely able to resist new technologies.

Allowing strangers' words to affect you negatively is a hole in your Twitter game. Much as in hodling, not paying attention is a virtue.

False. You have listed ‘mixed economies,’ economies that are part capitalist, part socialist.

This is what draining the swamp looks like. Bonehead Phil Mudd can’t handle the truth he’s a venal, conceited tyrant cashing checks selling out America. #Kudos to Paris Dennard for staying calm.

CNN on Twitter

“"Zero. I get zero dollars from consulting companies that deal with U.S. government. Are we clear?" Counterterrorism analyst Phil Mudd takes e...

Complete this list:

1. "Funding secured" (Musk)
2. "Truth isn't truth" (Giuliani)

“There is a principle of Defensive Decentralization: when besieged, a well constructed decentralized system will further decentralize.” -@SarahJamieLewis

On Emergent Centralization

Observations on Robust Decentralized Systems

The Cantillon effect: "the first ones to receive the newly created money see their incomes rise, whereas the last ones to receive the newly created money see their purchasing power decline as consumer price inflation comes about."

How Central Banking Increased Inequality

Although today high levels of inequality in the United States remain a pressing concern for a large swath of the population, monetary policy and credi...

There definitely exist ideas that are both true and dangerous; this sentence is one example.

Those who buy BTC while thinking that it is Bitcoin are making a mistake. The real Bitcoin is BCH, Bitcoin Cash.

Gordon Brown does extreme-satire. (Murder for laughs). UK is genius at this, but US @LockheedMartin does fair job - murdering Yemen kids while playing ads featuring playing kids. @RealAlexJones, when ‘doubting’ Sandy Hook brings this macabre US/UK horrification to light.

alex thomson on Twitter

“For those asking the Gordon Brown interview where he says the US didn’t believe there were WMD in Iraq is here.

Fact is, if true costs were applied in this global economy now, we’d have an instantaneous extinction event. Current model to to stretch out the extinction event a few decades with fake prices and fake news. #LastGeneration

Correct. In a world of fiat money and fake news there is no such thing as objective truth. Bring back Gold and then we’ll have truthful prices and truthful news. Until then, STFU fake news media. #PricePrecedesNews |

Giuliani: 'Truth isn't truth'

Rudy Giuliani declared “truth isn’t truth” on Sunday while expressing his concerns over having President Trump sit down for an inter...

As this research project illustrates, markets are notoriously bad at valuing early technology. Eventually discipline kicks in when actual users vote with their dollars and this shows up as sustainable cash flows in the ecosystem. #ICO #DumpsterFire

Dave Hoffman on Twitter

“4/ The ICO market celebrates self-regulation, disintermediaiton, and "trustless" transactions But our findings suggest investors don't react t...

As predicted: This is why #Brexit was voted in. It was obviously an economic disaster, but it opened the door to white supremacists taking over... #BrexitMeansRacism

Andrew Marr on Twitter

“Highly significant warning”

Extreme satirical humor by @LockheedMartin - making fun of the kids they murdered. It has always been my view that @RealAlexJones, when casting doubt on things like Sandy Hook, is commenting on this uniquely American, extreme-satire of playing mass murder for laughs. #SickSociety

"The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America ...The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States."
United States Constitution, Article 2

Article II

Section 1.The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his office during the term of four years, ...

Hard money will benefit poor people more than any social justice program or well-intentioned charity ever will.

Here’s the problem of #Brexit, Brits who voted for it thought they were voting to leave Westminster and Parliament, not the nice countries where they go for sun and vacations. Oopps!

One thing you learn when tweeting about Britain, no one outside of London thinks of themselves as British. They all think they live in neighboring countries with their own language and football teams. 😂😂😂

As predicted before referendum. Brits can’t leave EU just like Brits can’t magically turn into Americans no matter how much they yearn for it. There’ll be no deal and Parliament will simply ignore the referendum as it it never happened. #TypicalBritHumour

No-deal Brexit may force rethink of vote - ex-civil service head

Impact would be so grave UK would have to review decision to leave EU, says Bob Kerslake

.@billmaher, America’s shocking, sudden abandonment of free speech rights didn’t start with coordinated de-platforming of @RealAlexJones, it started when State Dept. decided to arbitrarily classify American journalists at @RT_America as ‘Foreign Agents.’ @MaxBlumenthal @mtaibbi

.@MaxBlumenthal today on Keiser Report: US Government's Social Media Diaper (E1268) via @YouTube

Pure genius. RIP. | The moment Aretha Franklin stepped in for Pavarotti via @YouTube

Is this the new office?
Nope, it’s the awesome office of our #BitcoinCash supporting friends at @hashhouse86. The grand opening is August 25th and they are expecting over 3,000 people to attend!

Dems wasted 2 yrs chasing #RussiaGate hoax. They’ll lose badly in November and blame RussiaGate; setting them up to waste another 2 yrs and a loss in 2020. What did Einstein say definition of insanity is... ? @realDonaldTrump @ScottAdamsSays

Meanwhile Tesla's stock went down after that interview.

Actually often good advice but no-one wants to admit it: display emotions or talk about mental illness at your peril. :/

Diana Biggs on Twitter

“Too many leaders are so focused on appearing dominant they're unable to expose any emotion or humanity. Whatever the motivation, it's refreshi...

If Turks truly want to scare/protest US, they’d be aggressively buying the anti-dollar #Bitcoin. Smashing iPhones is just silly. Makes you look like morons | Turks Are Smashing Iphones With Sledgehammers, Shooting Them With Guns, To Protest Trump.

Turks Are Smashing Iphones With Sledgehammers, Shooting Them With Guns, To Protest Trump

The U.S. has hit Turkey with sanctions in an ongoing diplomatic crisis.

The new LaCroix flavour for Bitcoin maximalists: "A Smack of Ham"


Ugh, what an idiotic exchange.

You'd think Ledger would just confirm the obvious: their SGX solution is insecure because SGX is insecure.

But no, they play dumb games for marketing reasons.

I think @CryptoSprings marks beginning of next major bull run for #Bitcoin to new ATH as market sees scaling advancing expeditiously by @lightning @bitcoincoreorg $28,000 still in play.

Believers in government mistakenly think that when evil becomes "law," it ceases to be evil and becomes good.

Keiser Report: Health insurance policy masquerading as a country (E1267) via @YouTube

Short-sellers doing to @elonmusk what Goldman Sachs did to Greece, what @RBS does to drunk Brits.

Max Keiser: “We’re back to coin suicide watch.”

Customer acquisition costs (CAC) can be covered by a monetary policy that mints new tokens to the *demand-side* of a #cryptonetwork.

Stop charging me for these mass shootings and all the associated costs. I already pay for your health insurance. I shouldn’t have to also pay for your Rambo delusions and psychotic breakdowns. Or, just send me $10,000 right now, or STFU moron.

NOWC@mesTHEP@in on Twitter

“@maxkeiser Mandatory insurance would be defacto registration which can be a prelude to confiscation. Besides the use of first responders which ...

Future home of ⁦@DCGco⁩ ⁦@GrayscaleInvest⁩ ⁦@GenesisTrading⁩

Dubious how some articles on this manage to completely bury the fact that *specifically* Tesla rebates got cancelled; portrays Tesla much worse.

CBC meanwhile: "Customers of other companies can still qualify for rebates on electric car purchases"

We need to mandate gun insurance for gun owners. The insurance would be ‘mass slaughter’ insurance. Why should I have to pick up the tab on all these mass shootings? Kill all the innocent f**** you want, but I shouldn’t have to pay for it.


@NickSzabo4 blocked me over this and other tweets pointing out that from a UX point of view, microtransactions _do_ exist in the wild already and successfully do billions of dollars worth of payments every year.


Peter Todd on Twitter

“@NickSzabo4 Yes, I'm using a useful definition from the consumers point of view. The fact is once I send a per-msg-billed text message, I *wil...

YES! Explosive hash rate growth is misunderstood - what it truly means. I’ve been covering this for a long time... The implications are mind blowing.

Stacy Herbert on Twitter

“It gets lots of attention from @maxkeiser”

"Dockless electric scooters, which have been active in the U.S. for less than a year, have already registered a 3.6 percent adoption rate" (imo this is the start of a big trend that can revitalize city centers)

Electric scooters growing at ‘unprecedented pace,’ finds new transit survey

New micromobility services enjoy "fairly broad public support," have high adoption rates

A lot of people have theorized that micropayments have too much cognitive load to be useful. But prior to Lightning there were almost no systems capable of actually testing this in the real world.

Possible that Lightning will prove that theory wrong!

Bitcoin's Open Secret: Lightning Is Making Better Online Payments Possible - CoinDesk

An influx of lightning apps are mostly silly, but they demo a serious point: the tech enables bitcoin to compete with traditional payment rails.

Completely unhackable in a threat model that assumes the adversary isn't physically present, the keys were generated correctly, and you never use them.

ScamCoinBot on Twitter

“Scamcoinbot is happy to announce the first hardware wallet able to store safely your paper wallets!”

A few months ago, this log chart was posted in many places as evidence for the long term uptrend of $ETH versus $BTC, suggesting a "flippening". Currently Ethereum is at 27% of Bitcoin's market cap, down from near parity in June '17.

.@Excellion, Bitmain earns more money in a single month than @Blockstream has in all the years it’s been "operating".
The truth is undeniable: The smart money is backing Bitcoin Cash.

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