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Misleading graphs that don't start from zero: a great way to get that "move markets" bonus given to Bloomberg journalists.

Evidence mounting that U.K.’s vote leave campaign funded in part by American fracking interests. This is particularly sad, given what we know about fracking. Trump will make some pro-Brexit (read: fracking) statements soon. #Brexit

Every #Brexiter I spoke with told me, when I explained Brexit would be an economic disaster, they didn’t care if UK’s economy suffered. This report will confirm Brexit’s a bust, but it won’t change anyone’s mind.

Chuka Umunna on Twitter

“BREAKING: Treasury Minister, Robert Jenrick, has just conceded that Govt will publish an economic impact assessment which will compare the term...

Whatever your reason for being in crypto, now is the time for:

- Compassion
- Patience
- Respect

Lot's of people have lost lots of money recently and it is not helpful to make empty promises, share shitty memes, or criticize others' choices.


A beautiful and courageous thread on hitting bottom, seeking help and healing, finding hope and purpose and looking back with gratitude.

It has a bitcoin theme, but more about the hardships of being human and the joy of finding community.


Mario⚡️Gibney on Twitter

“@TuurDemeester 1/27 Can't communicate this in 280 characters, so here's a long one. *Deep breath* When I look back over the past 3 years, it ...

Looking forward to being at ETH Singapore!

Apparently the last chance to apply is today:

"One of the biggest ways that CSW has damaged the community is to make an endless series of broken promises":

Today I want to say #ThankYouPatrons: for supporting me in creating educational resources about #Bitcoin and open blockchains, in over a dozen languages, for a growing global community! 📙🎞

Kelly Criterion illustrated - or: why position size is key to trading.

As a trader, your edge will never consistently be higher than 10%. This is why professional technical traders never risk more than 1% of their portfolio per trade.

Bear markets strengthen the survivors. It's okay to feel sick through the process, it's these depths that later give strength.

"When PG&E went into Paradise earlier this year to cut trees that were near power lines, people complained."

I have family who live in places like this and have nearly lost everything due to forest fires; reality is the residents chose a risky lifestyle.

Editorial: Camp Fire the tragedy we were all warned about

“Nobody would have ever thought this could happen,” President Donald Trump said while touring the Camp Fire devastation Saturday. That&#82...

Anonymity is power.

Yet equally, being willing to give up your anonymity while supporting a cause can be a powerful, costly, signal of your conviction.

Both are valid and useful strategies.

Andy C. Ngo on Twitter

“Pro-antifa photography is an interesting genre. They blur out already masked people & publish license plates, and other personal informatio...

I don't agree with the theory that Bitcoin miners create a price floor based on break even costs. The other day I talked to a data center provider whose miners had an electricity cost of >$2,000 per Bitcoin. Miners follow price, they don't create it.

Motivations are often stronger than incentives. Many will pay big for more expected future control over other peoples' money. Even more wasteful struggles for control exist at much larger scales in digitally centralized (mistakenly called "traditional") financial operations.

BitMEX Research on Twitter

“Hash war estimated costs live update If one assumes the hashrate is leased, we estimate the protagonists have spent $6.7m in leasing fees sinc...

This worked for Obama in ‘08 to force through (above Hank Paulson’s objections) the multi-trillion Wall St bailout (read: gift), so why not for Theresa May’s #Brexit?

Mainstream media likes to focus on "toxicity" in Bitcoin. Let's share some of our positive, uplifting stories to counter that!

1/Low time preference people invest in what they love.

High time preference people do what they like.

I've been noticing a lot of replies in Turkish in my mentions lately. Can someone explain, is something particular going on, or do we have a large community in Turkey that I have not yet interacted with?

CC @el33th4xor

If Russians were black, would America and Britain still feel comfortable blaming them for all their problems?

🍿 🍿 🍿

Looks like ABC is having trouble defending their hashrate superiority.

I am wondering when I can deposit my BSV token into exchange to sell.

Flat panel for #blocksat unboxing and test 🛰️📡🚀 @Blockstream

I look forward to a year from now when we'll be watching r/btc argue about which coin is the real "ABC". More splits are inevitable. Too many egos that want control for this to not end with more splits.

Notice: ECDSA signatures where the message isn't a hash and chosen by the "signer" are insecure.

Given public key P, pick random nonzero values a and b. Compute R=aG+bP. Now (R.x, R.x/b) is a valid signature for "message" (R.x*a/b).

So wonderful seeing @Snowden retweet this beautiful passage. Literally the only text I remember from my highschool English classes, and I made such an impression on me growing up.

Looks like Satoshi's Vision could soon have more hashing power than ABC.

I can only imagine how Coinbase's legal team feel about having to support a coin spearheaded by a cryptographically proven scammer.

Rule-based signals cut through interpersonal fog, enabling society to work over much larger scales. This happens with necessary imperfection and often in opposition to our locally evolved moral instincts.

Oilman @gideonpowell last night in Dallas: "Throughout history, energy and money have played intertwining roles in the advancement of civilization. With the introduction of Bitcoin ..., the distinctions between the role of money and energy will increasingly become blurred."

SEC ordered two ICOs to compensate investors. I imagine this precedent will inspire class action lawsuits against ICOs, leading to potentially severe financial pressure on their treasuries. #dishoarding

George R.R. Martin on Stan Lee's passing: "When I was in Stan’s presence, I was a fanboy, slightly tongue-tied and more than a little in awe."

Unless @RT_com’s WH credentials are also reinstated, we can say categorically that @Acosta’s reinstatement is pure political theatre by a corrupt judge. (No surprises 🙄)

Hash power doesn't add security when you're centralized.

At some point the ABC/SV people will realize this and at that point, they'll propose a move to PoS or something via a hard fork. Why pay miners when you can pay yourself?

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