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Last word for on $BTC for a while (w/arithmetic graph). Trend is down, charts are presently ugly. But, BTC has dropped $13,700 from high. Now is NOT the time to become a BTC bear, though I'm not bullish yet.

BTG #Africa Ambassador Coordinator Richard, presenting Bitcoin Gold's vision to local communities in #Ghana. We are committed to help & educate new users to adopt $BTG as a financial tool option. At BTG, #adoption is one of our main priorities.

#BTG #BitcoinGold #Blockchain

Had to get hashrate above the possibility of a 51% attack. Now that we’re clear, let’s focus on the deeper significance. The price still going to $100k, my prediction made in 2011 at $3, but we don’t need to pander to Lambo crowd anymore. #Bitcoin #SingularityToken

The ‘greed button’ is what #Bitcoin exploits. When someone asks about price, you know it’s still working. Sure, price is going higher... as if that mattered. 😂👍 #IntelligentDesign #God

🎁 BABB (BAX) Twitter 5 BTC Giveaway Finished And Paid Out

See the official announcement here:

Winners can check their accounts by going to Account Center>Deposit>Deposit History.


Remember, I invented (and built) the first commercial Prediction Market and commercial Virtual Currency, so predicting where #Bitcoin is taking us is second nature.

Technologists, engineers, financiers, bankers, Lambo dealers, media outlets - resist the idea that #AI is using them to usher in a 40-quintillion-calculations-per-second, neo-cosmic organism, but used they continue to be. 😀👍

Mobius (MOBI) Campaign Rewards Distributed

See the official announcement here:

Winners can check their accounts by going to Account Center>Deposit>Deposit History.


Electroneum (ETN) Campaign Rewards Distributed

See the official announcement here:

Winners can check their accounts by going to Account Center>Deposit>Deposit History.


Where #Bitcoin is taking us, we won’t need money. #AI #singularity

The French don’t fear life (like Americans and Brits). 🇫🇷 ❤️

#Bitcoin is the singularity token that will usher in a post-humanity, AI-driven epoch.

Do you think performing 40 quintillion calculations per second, compounding at 1,000% a year, is really about cash-transactions and/or a store-of-value? #AI #singularity

#Bitcoin is an organism with a compounded growth rate (of hashing power) is greater than virtually anything observed in nature. It displays intelligence that can best be described as AI. The singularity is now. 👍😎

Update Announcement of KuCoin API KEY

See the official announcement here:

I remember selling some BTC at $17.800 and in doubt to push the sell button....

But hey, we are all here trading to get more BTC, right?

Should probably hedge but this ehm kale-juice has rendered me as useless as the hipster that sold it.

Fakk me this funding is delicioso

(no reflink here, my condolences)

Starting From Scratch | Zimbabwe
(#Frame48 - #Dash Funded - #KuvaCash)
#DigitalCash #Crypto

New Top #Crypto News For The Last Week by #EXMO №3 📬
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WDNA token trading sale will be opened in half an hour, if you would like to invest $WDNA, please login and click trade of WDNA in ETH trading market to buy it.

Gotta say, the twitter feed is pretty embarrassing today 🙂

Bear markets are great because we get rid of those that don't understand the tech and were just gambling. I hold because I believe in the technology and the economics. Go away until you have some conviction. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

This is the mentality of someone who hasn't been through a bubble before. I'm used to this and the more you get used to 70-90% drops, the better off you'll be.

In other words, I disagree. Those that bought at $50 have a very different mentality.

Ran NeuNer on Twitter

“I don’t care who you are or whether you bought in $50/$5000/$18000, the decline from $20k to $6k hurt everyone. People are putting on b...

the government uses money laundering laws and drug smuggling with Bitcoin as an excuse to crack down on the centralized exchanges within the nation because that's their job, and they don't want competition with the dollar to serve this function.

don't margin trade with more than 10% of your available capital. It is not the same as regular trading. it's basically the opposite of investing, in that you tend to stay in positions for a very short amount of time, and generally want to keep an eye on the chart and use stops.

The despair deepens as the #Bitcoin spring begins. Is it 1, 2, or 3? Join us live at 9 p.m. CST on as we discuss what it means. #cryptocurrency $crypto $btcusd #NoFUDNoFOMO #Lubbock #TTU #LocalCrypto

Special thank you to my 135 new followers from USA, India, Portugal, and more last week. .

#Dash Community Q&A
#DigitalCash #Crypto

It’s so easy to make people think you’re a $BCH shill. Just tweet something supporting it and retweet some shit.

Just got to #Montreal for tomorrows workshop on $BTCUSD trading... my phone has blowing up all day in light of the #Bitcoin price dropping under $6k bet.

Tone Vays Trading Workshops

Tone Vays Trading Workshops

Okay @senorLupe you need to go back to Mexico. You’ve flooded my notifications illegally.

Best fundraising week for 2018 for the @GrayscaleInvest family of funds...over $20 million raised this week

What bear crypto market?

Dear traders, the support center was unavailable for 15 minutes. The problem has been fixed now. Happy trading.

We believe it is in the best interest of the citizens of the United States, the US Secret Service, and other governmental organizations to advocate for privacy rights and protect its citizens and businesses from harm.

Zcash Company Response to Secret Service Recommendation – Zcash Blog

A contributed article recently published on the Forbes website indicated that The US Secret Service is requesting the consideration of […]

Ripple's engineering, marketing and HR leaders - Vidhya, Monica and Sandi - share wisdom and inspiration at today's #womenintech panel.

Scheduled (Jun 22, 2018, 19:00 EDT): The Gemini Spaceship will undergo scheduled weekly maintenance on Friday, Jun 22nd from 7:00-11:00pm ET.

We undergo scheduled maintenance every Friday from the hours of 7:00pm ET until 11:00pm ET or earlier.

Scheduled Maintenance - Friday, Jun 22

Crypto bull markets are the only time everyone is right. Any traditional market or post euphoria crypto you will be wrong. I'm wrong all the time.

Control your downside by setting predetermined areas for stops or alerts...if you get lazy it will get you.

Peter's technical charts help me to stay grounded and psychologically prepared for diverse scenarios. I discussed the likelihood of the Bitcoin bear phase continuing last April with @ToneVays here:

Weekly update - June 22nd: final user outreach, documentation and ecosystem prep for Overwinter activation on Monday (block 347500); planning presentations and workshops for Zcon0; progress on documentation, network observer, test Sapling on testnet; etc

June 22nd, 2018 - Weekly update (Engineering)

Reminder that Overwinter activation is set for this Monday, June 25th. If you run a Zcash node, make sure you’re on 1.1.0 or later. Download the...

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
-George Santayana

Anyone can be a genius in a bear market too.

Go to your TradingView account and turn your settings to “inverted charting.”

This is what I’ve done and it makes trading a bear market a lot easier in my opinion and gets rid of small biases. 🍆

Trying to highlight signal from noise in the space, we're looking to share content that inspires us. It's time for #FiveFavoritesFriday

Just got an email from Mount Gox with regards to the trustee.

Can anyone confirm if this is legit?

Live in a minute! We talk about current news, my book and a bunch of other stuff!

The District Court just sent out this #MtGox Notice of Commencement of Rehabilitation Proceedings

"In 1932, it got better because they dealt the cards again and there was a communal logic that said nobody's going to get left behind. We're going to figure this out." -@AoDespair

David Simon: 'There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show'

David Simon: Capitalism in America has lost sight of its social compact

$BTCUSD shorts are looking a bit precarious at the moment. Teetering on the edge of the abyss? Confident in your short positions, guys? Price's daily RSI is just above oversold. #cryptocurrency $crypto #bitcoin

Christopher Inks on Twitter

“@WranglerDanger Here's a snapshot of the current daily shorts.”

Snippet from my conversation with @APompliano about:

> Utility tokens vs Tokenized Securities
> Being bullish on both disruption from $BTC and disruption from securities
> How to get involved/invested - outlook

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Bitcoin's spring may be in the works. Watching sell volume and daily RSI.: via @YouTube

On my way to #Montreal to teach a #TechnicalAnalysis Workshop this Saturday July 23. For those that always wanted to learn the basics of #Trading of $BTCUSD $SPX $Gold and more, registration is still open at:

Factor @BitcoinLive1 Report, June 22, 2018 has been issued and will be posted soon.

A typical example of the nuanced arguments made against Bitcoin Cash:

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