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"so you are telling me you ended up shorting the greatest invention since the internet and got liquidated with your entire net worth, while in truth you knew crypto would conquer the world in storm, and now you look back and wish you would just have bought and held?"

ETC Asia community manager Christian Xu @CRSXu hosts first ever, jam packed $ETC meetup in Korea✌️🇰🇷

The community continues growing at an exciting rate 💚

#ETCCommunity #ETCAsia
#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Lost a trade right now.

Biggest mistake I see myself whenever I do lose a trade is buying at resistance. This is always the main reason I lose a trade.

Hope my mistakes can help you guys improve too. 🔥👍

#notetomyself #again

1/ @CumberlandSays raising the question of how #Ethereum miners will react if EIP 858 is put in place, dropping the coinbase reward from 3 --> 1 $ETH.

"Alexander Bain, a Scottish inventor who had patented the electric clock, had transmitted images telegraphically in the 1840s but the Nipkow disk improved the encoding process."

SciHi on Twitter

“On August 22, 1860, German TV pioneer Paul Nipkow was born, best known for having conceived the idea of using a spiral-perforated disk to divid...

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