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More colored coins and tokens coming to #BitcoinCash: launches a BCH-fueled Colored Coins multi-signature desktop wallet.

Check out Episode 4 of The Ripple Drop! @CoryTV on #XRP markets, @Marcosf0401 on xRapid partners, and @wsculley on RippleNet. Watch the full episode:

#vergefam - We have just published our Development Update #3. Bringing you the latest on our iOS & desktop wallet and more. Written by @marpme_ .

Read it here:

#xvg $xvg #vergecurrency #xvgupdate

Development Update on Verge #3 – vergecurrency – Medium

There are three things that we would like to cover in this development update:

📊The correlation between ETC/USD and ETC mining difficulty ⛏️
chart via Kimi @drawpie

#ETCStats #ETCMining $ETC
#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Check out the #VergeCurrency beginners guide written by @Desolatorbtc - one of our core team members.

Everything you need to know as a beginner can be found here:

#XVG $XVG #VergeCurrency

Quick Look: Ethereum Classic Labs @ETCLabs San Francisco Offices Getting Ready For Launch

ETC incubator program to develop the ETC ecosystem, & to support entrepreneurs & their enterprises

Go to:

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

ICYMI "ETC is undervalued. ETC provides distinct advantage over other ecosystems as its highly compatible with the Internet of Things. ETC is cultivating a thriving developer community."

@ETCLabs Interview


"Customers in every country where Coinbase operates can log in now to buy, sell, send, receive, or store Ethereum Classic"

Ethereum Classic ETC Launches On Coinbase Consumer: Fighting with Tron and Dash To Reclaim 11th Place
#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

ETC #blockchain explorers display information about the $ETC system; typically using Web3 JSON-RPC interfaces, and API's.

“Dissecting An Open Source ETC Blockchain Explorer”
New Blog Post by Dr. @chris_seberino of #IOHK
#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Ethereum Classic Wild Ride!🎢
- $1.5B Market Cap📈
- $473M Trade Vol

- 34,909 Active Addresses 📈
- 51,668 Daily Tx Volume📈
- 2,153 Avg Tx/hr⚡️
- 0.0089¢ USD Avg Tx Fee

- 14.2s Block Time
- 15.699 Th/s⛏️ -4.22% 24/hrs📉

#ETCStats $ETC
#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Hello community members, I have created a Telegram group for all of us to talk freely about Neo. Feel free to talk about anything related to Neo. Debates and price predictions are welcome. No restrictions. 1..2..3.. GO!

Next Wednesday at 3pm (PST) @bgarlinghouse will sit down for a livestream AMA moderated by @CoryTV. Got questions for him? Let us know them here.

Ethereum Classic Wild Ride
- $1.42B Market Cap💰
- $512M Trade Vol📈

- 31,934 Active Addresses
- 49,935 Daily Tx Volume📈
- 2,081 Avg Tx/hr⚡️
- 0.0083¢ USD Avg Tx Fee

- 14.3s Block Time
- 15.902 Thash/s +5.72% 24/hrs ⛏️

#ETCStats $ETC
#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Ethereum Classic Network
- $1.42B Market Cap💰
- $378M Trade Vol📈

- 28,835 Active Addresses
- 48,392 Daily Tx Volume📈
- 2,016 Avg Tx/hr⚡️
- 0.0057¢ USD Avg Tx Fee

- 13.8s Block Time
- 14.92 Thash/s +2.94% 24/hrs ⛏️

#ETCStats $ETC
#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Another successful community-led Cardano meetup - this time in Port Harcourt, Nigeria! Read a recap from organizer Joshua on what they discussed and what they hope to achieve from their meetups moving forward:

WDMS update: See more information and speakers added to the summit, as we share the importance of joining this innovative event. #miningconf #bitmain @BitKanOfficial

ECIP-1046 via @InputOutputHK Researchers: Precompiled contact for verification of Merkle Inclusion Proofs

Lowers gas cost; Opens $ETC to things like validation of non-interactive proofs of proof-of-work (#NIPoPoW), a building block for PoW sidechains⚡️

Thank you @prestigenetworx for having me. A lot of people are asking some really great questions. Happy to learn about the project!

The most provocative dialogue on global payments, #blockchain and digital assets is less than two months away. #SwellbyRipple

Come #BUIDL with Ethereum Classic! 🌐

Easily navigate the ETC dev resources, tool suites, etc

Development reference point of resources for contributors

#BUIDL $ETC #Blockchain
#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Bitmain holds more than 1 million BCH and almost no Ethereum. Seems like they have been converting BTC to BCH.

ETC is excited to have, Director of Institutional Sales at @CoinbasePro, Kayvon Pirestani, at the Second Annual #ETCSummit in Seoul🇰🇷

Kayvon will discuss the institutional adoption of #crypto assets

Join Us.

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Hello community members, we are sponsoring this Meetup in San Francisco and we would like to invite all of you to join us on August 15th. There will be food and drinks available and conversations about the mighty Neo Blockchain, so don’t miss out!

We are happy to announce that we will be providing media support for @NEO_neogame. We believe in their plan and are here to support them at any time! Check them out if you have not already. The first NEO Blockchain Game Development Competion closes on August 15th.

Wish we could have made it to the @Nursetoken pool party. Next time we will try to make it. We were really looking forward to meeting @CryptoShillNye, hopefully he will be at the next event!

We’re here in Poland speaking at Cardano community meetups! First stop: Warsaw! Excited to meet and mingle with the Polish community tonight #cardanoCommunity

Thank you @ChicoCrypto for all of your support in the Neo community. Together we can create awareness and all help each other through this bear market. One thing that Neo has that others don’t is a supporting community. Also, thank you @caterina_zhang for all of your hard work!

Check out the ETC Labs New Look |
- meet the team👋
- find the labs' news🗞️
- see offered resources🛠️
- apply startup✍️

CEO Terry Culver will speak at this years ETC Summit:

#ETCLabs $ETC #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

ETCDEV Team Founder & CEO, Igor Artamonov @splix will deliver the @etcdev roadmap for ETC

Join Us.

#EthereumClassic #ETCSummit

#ClassicIsComing to Seoul in Just Under a Month!🇰🇷✌️💚

Over 300 registered attendees! Please come join us!
Tickets are Free!

Bringing together the most brilliant & influential minds in crypto

Sidechain & cloud experiment with Open Stack to be based on the "Ethereum Classic Sidechain Proposal."

@OpenStack and ETCDEV Team Collaborate on ETC Sidechain Project⚡️


#BUIDL #OpenStack #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

"Sidechains are able to balance advantages of a private network with the security of the mainnet."

Scaling with side chains"
Learn more about $ETC sidechain exploration.

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Come #BUIDL with Ethereum Classic! 🌐

Easily navigate the ETC dev resources, tool suites, etc

Reference of resources for ETC development community

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

The Week's Scala Client Update via @InputOutputHK Team #Grothendieck🧙‍♂️

- New frontend dev Michal 🛠
- Integrating multi ledger support ERC20🔌
- Q4 release🔜

Mantis 2.0 draft:

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

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