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Let’s Talk ETC | Podcast Series

Episode 31 Available - @etcdev Go Engineer Isaac Ardis talks about:

- Emerald SDK ✅
- SputnikVM ✅
- Geth ✅
- Difficulty Bomb ECIP-1041 ✅

#Golang #Rustlang #Javascript #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

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“Ethereum Classic (ETC) At $75 By Q1, As New Excitement Coming Next Month”

"Experts predict a spike in $ETC’s price." 📈

"To protect the original Ethereum against human whims" - @CryptoGazzette

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

SputnikVM v0.10.0 Now Available - a pure Rust implementation of the EVM⚙️

- Embeddable / IoT Optimized ✅

- Bugfixes & Improvements ✅

- Byzantium & Foundation Support ✅

#EthereumClassic #IoT #Rustlang

We’ve noticed an increase in fraudulent accounts claiming to be @Ripple or members of the Ripple Team offering giveaways.

Be on alert - they are not official accounts.

New Classic Geth Release v5.0.0 Avaliable!🎉 via @ETCDEV Team

Difficulty Bomb Removal in May 2018 (ECIP-1041)
Download at

#GoLang #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Ethereum Classic ($ETC) All Time High Looms 📈

"Ethereum Classic’s volatility is comparatively on the lowers slide" via @OracleTimes

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

More and more businesses are switching to #BitcoinCash every day. Turns out low fees and fast confirmations are great for e-commerce!

Browse merchants or add your own listing at

Richard M. Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation gave a talk entitled “Divide & Rule On Your Screen”. Cardano Foundation was proud to co-sponsor the event, host by Distributed Futures Research partners, Z/Yen Group. Details of the event here:

2/2: We ask that everyone is vigilant, our official accounts are @cardanocom & @CardanoStiftung. We are trying as hard as we can to get our accounts verified by Twitter but they recently stopped verifying accounts. Thank you!

1/2: We are seeing a number of twitter accounts created daily that impersonate our official Cardano accounts. These accounts often use our logo’s and have very similar handles. Please do not send your Ada to their addresses as they are most likely scams.

Let’s Talk ETC | Podcast Series

Episode 31 Available - @ETCDEV Go Engineer Isaac Ardis talks about:

- Emerald SDK ✅
- SputnikVM ✅
- Geth ✅
- Difficulty Bomb ECIP-1041 ✅

#Golang #Rustlang #Javascript #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Let's Talk ETC! (Ethereum Classic) by Let's Talk ETC! (Ethereum Classic) on Apple Podcasts

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Let's Talk ETC! (Ethereum Classic) by Let's Talk ETC! (Ethereum Classic) for free.

Ethereum Classic on the Fast Track to Recovery

$ETC Market Analysis via @Nasdaq 📈

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

xRapid uniquely uses $XRP, to offer on-demand liquidity, which dramatically lowers costs while enabling real-time payments. To learn more:

Download the ETC Daedalus Mantis Wallet v1.0

Built from scratch using #Scala via @InputOutputHK Grothendieck Team

check the now updated wiki to get started!


New Weekly Mantis Meeting⚙️

#Scala client update via @InputOutputHK Team Grothendieck

- New Bootstrap File ✅

- Performance Focused ✅

- Bottleneck Performance Testing✅

v1.1 release aimed for Q2!

#ETCMantis #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

We’ve got a full house here at @lsesu where @IOHK_Charles is talking about the potential of blockchain technology and the Cardano project in the developing world. #cardano

At Cardano Foundation, we’re always looking forward. This morning, a launch event was held for a new research project that analyzes quantum computing and its potential threat on blockchain security. It will be conducted by our research partner, Z/Yen's Distributed Futures.

#Vergefam, here is the Verge Q&A #3 with Verge Developer @justinvendetta! $xvg #Verge #VergeQ

ETC Network Stats | $4.1Bln Market Cap - 54k Tx - 1.3 Bln Trade Vol

#ETCStats #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Google Trends for Ethereum Classic 📈

#ETCStasts #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

We've recently surpassed 16k Classic Reddit Members!🎉

Join the growing ETC Community on r/ethereumclassic

#ETCCommunity #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Sneak peek of #BitcoinCash #MiniPOS Server:

"In-store 0 confirmation payments processed in under 30 seconds.

No private keys held on device.

Zero on-going merchant fees.

Live exch rates - Multi-currency."

h/t @howelzy

"With the #InternetofValue, a value transaction such as a foreign currency payment, can happen instantly, just as how people have been sharing words, images and videos online for decades."

The Internet of Value: What It Means and How It Benefits Everyone | Ripple

Our vision is for value to be exchanged as quickly as information.

Charles Hoskinson and Prof. Aggelos Kiayias presented at the Scottish Blockchain Meetup at Edinburgh University over the weekend.
Their talk was on third-gen blockchains and ongoing research themes:

FXOpen @FXOpenBroker Launches New Tradable ETC & Cryptocurrency Pairs🤝

Trade $ETC / $BTC - USD - EUR on markets using MetaTrader 4!

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

FXOpen Launches New Tradable Cryptocurrency Pairs | Finance Magnates

FXOpen has recently ‎launched PAMM service for cryptocurrency CFDs.

We recently surpassed 180k Classic Twitter Followers🎉

The ETC Community grows larger everyday!

Thank you ETC Community!

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing #ETCCommunity

Rick @Falkvinge on the Lightning Network: Requirement to have private keys online, routing doesn't work, legal liability for nodes, and reactive mesh security doesn't work

This is Emerald & the people behind the Project

“The Emerald Platform - Behind the Scenes | Ethereum Classic”

#Golang #Rustlang #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

The Emerald Platform | Ethereum Classic – Classic is Coming Blog – Medium

A Breakdown of the Emerald Project | ETCDEV TEAM |ClassicisComing

Ouroboros, an integral part of Cardano, is the only provably secure, peer-reviewed proof of stake protocol to be implemented. IOHK’s researcher Dr. Peter Gaži presents Ouroboros at MIT in this video:

IOHK | Dr. Peter Gaži, presenting Ouroboros at MIT.

Developing a secure proof of stake algorithm is one of the big challenges in cryptocurrency. The Ouroboros protocol has the distinction of being the f...

Decentralizing Scandinavian Industries with IoT & Ethereum Classic🔌

“A Classic Solution to Atypical Problems"

The Transparent Scandinavian Supply-Chain Spyrja by Viktor Stenberg of @SCCEX

ETC Supply-Chain Management

A Classical solution to atypical problems | The transparent Scandinavian supply-chain Spyrja


Decentralizing Scandinavian with IoT & Ethereum Classic🔌

“Arctic Ether Token-Node | The AETHER Token Box” by Viktor Stenberg of @SCCEX

Run an ETC Node using AEther Token Box!

#SCCEX #AEther #IoT #Blockchain #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Arctic Ether Token-Node Update | The AETHER Token Box

We have made a re-done of the AETHER token-node program after a lot of input from our fans about having issues running a full, constantly…

“Multisig Smart Contracts will Take Over Ethereum Classic & the World”

New blog post by Dr. @chris_seberino

In-depth look at Multisig’s & the areas they’re set to disrupt.

#SmartContracts #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Why Multisig Smart Contracts Will Likely Take Over Ethereum Classic & The World

Multisig smart contracts will likely be the dominant smart contract type in the future. The security and other benefits are that…

LIVE now: Roger Ver vs Juan Galt debate @ Anarchapulco - The Crypto Show

Ethereum Classic Multi-Sig Bug Bounty! | Help us improve & collect the cash!

Bounties via Ethereum Commonweath

- $10,000 Critical Bug ✅
- $2000 Security Flaw ✅
- $100-$500 Other Workflow Flaws ✅

#Solidity #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

ETC Multi-Sig Wallet Security Audit Complete via Ethereum Commonwealth

No critical vulnerabilities were detected

Multisig wallet to serve as an official storage of funds donated for ETC development.

#SmartContracts #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Ethereum Classic Upgraded to C+ via @WeissRatings ✅

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Emerald Wallet v0.8.1 RC2
via @ETCDEV Team
- Major Bug Fixes ✅

- Connect remotely or download entire chain - your choice ✅

- Support for Hardware Wallets ✅

- Shapeshift coins direct from Emerald & more ✅

#golang #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

SputnikVM v0.20.0 Now Available - a pure Rust implementation of the EVM

- Bugfixes & Improvements ✅

- Byzantium & Foundation Support ✅

#EthereumClassic #Rustlang

Video Walkthrough | Daedalus Mantis Wallet on Windows 10 via @InputOutputHK

Get your $ETC wallet synced and started

- Installation Process ✅

- Bootstrap Process ✅

- Finding Log Files ✅

#ETCMantis #IOHK #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

"ETC gives us real utility and not just something to calm our vanity, it gives us the power to create and change much of the world"

"Ethereum Classic — Digital gold for a modern era" by Viktor Stenberg of @SCCEX

#SCCEX #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Ethereum Classic — Digital gold for a modern era – Scandinavian Cryptocurrency Exchange – Medium

Ethereum Classic has taken the model of proof-of-work to heart and as miners and avid supporters of ETC we want to give the community a…

“The immutable blockchain was meant to be free from the human tendency to corrupt.”

Beginner's Guide to Ethereum Classic | "The story, team, and roadmap behind the Original Ethereum blockchain" via @realcoincentral

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Ethereum Classic Messaging System
by Ethereum Commonwealth

- Address to Address✅

- Cross-chain interoperability✅

- Off chain encryption✅

- Send message to any ETH based chain✅

- ✅

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Ethereum Commonwealth Development Roadmap for ETC

- ENS for Ethereum Classic ✅

- ClassicMask ✅

- ClassicEtherWallet ✅

- DexNS Naming Service ✅

- Viper Online Compiler ✅

- ERC223 token standard ✅

#Callisto #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

“Callisto Network Support by Trust Wallet” via @trustwalletapp

- Ethereum Classic ✅
- ERC223 Token Standard ✅
- Both iOS and Android ✅

#Callisto #ERC223 #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Ethereum Classic Multi-sig Wallet Security Audit via Ethereum Commonwealth

Primarily focused on security of funds and fault tolerance of the multisig wallet

#SmartContracts #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Ethereum CLassic multisig wallet audit report.

Ethereum CLassic multisig wallet audit report.

Most arguments made against Bitcoin Cash boil down to: "Bcash! Scam! Roger! China! Felon! Jihan!"

The fact that this is the substance of arguments against BCH demonstrates how scared the trolls are.

Ethereum Classic Daily Tweet Volume 📈

#ETCStats #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Awesome #BitcoinCash car driving the streets of North Queensland, Australia

“SBI Group will devote resources to enable a future world where Bitcoin Cash is used globally for daily payments.”

-Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of SBI Holdings Secure Client-Side Web Wallet🔐

- Safe & Secure fork of MyEtherWallet ✅
- Contract Interaction ✅
- ENS ✅
- DexNS ✅
- ERC20 Support ✅
- Callisto Support ✅
- Token Management ✅

#CEW #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

About Mullvad:

Ethereum Classic Multi-sig Bug Bounty

Help us improve - via Ethereum Commonweath

- $10,000 Critical Bug ✅
- $2000 Security Flaw ✅
- $100-$500 other Workflow Flaws ✅

#Solidity #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

Today's ETC Network Stats | $3.3Bln Market Cap - 54k Tx - $874Mln Trade Vol

#ETCStats #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

ViaBTC @ViaBTC the Third Largest Mining Pool Now Offers ETC Mining! 🎉

Free Classic Mining Ends May 12! ⛏

#ETCMining #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing

#Vergefam, stay tuned for our #VergeQ video release on Monday. @justinvendetta will be answering the following questions! $xvg #verge

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