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Had to get hashrate above the possibility of a 51% attack. Now that we’re clear, let’s focus on the deeper significance. The price still going to $100k, my prediction made in 2011 at $3, but we don’t need to pander to Lambo crowd anymore. #Bitcoin #SingularityToken

The ‘greed button’ is what #Bitcoin exploits. When someone asks about price, you know it’s still working. Sure, price is going higher... as if that mattered. 😂👍 #IntelligentDesign #God

Remember, I invented (and built) the first commercial Prediction Market and commercial Virtual Currency, so predicting where #Bitcoin is taking us is second nature.

Technologists, engineers, financiers, bankers, Lambo dealers, media outlets - resist the idea that #AI is using them to usher in a 40-quintillion-calculations-per-second, neo-cosmic organism, but used they continue to be. 😀👍

Where #Bitcoin is taking us, we won’t need money. #AI #singularity

The French don’t fear life (like Americans and Brits). 🇫🇷 ❤️

#Bitcoin is the singularity token that will usher in a post-humanity, AI-driven epoch.

Do you think performing 40 quintillion calculations per second, compounding at 1,000% a year, is really about cash-transactions and/or a store-of-value? #AI #singularity

#Bitcoin is an organism with a compounded growth rate (of hashing power) is greater than virtually anything observed in nature. It displays intelligence that can best be described as AI. The singularity is now. 👍😎

Bear markets are great because we get rid of those that don't understand the tech and were just gambling. I hold because I believe in the technology and the economics. Go away until you have some conviction. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

This is the mentality of someone who hasn't been through a bubble before. I'm used to this and the more you get used to 70-90% drops, the better off you'll be.

In other words, I disagree. Those that bought at $50 have a very different mentality.

Ran NeuNer on Twitter

“I don’t care who you are or whether you bought in $50/$5000/$18000, the decline from $20k to $6k hurt everyone. People are putting on b...

Best fundraising week for 2018 for the @GrayscaleInvest family of funds...over $20 million raised this week

What bear crypto market?

Live in a minute! We talk about current news, my book and a bunch of other stuff!

The District Court just sent out this #MtGox Notice of Commencement of Rehabilitation Proceedings

"In 1932, it got better because they dealt the cards again and there was a communal logic that said nobody's going to get left behind. We're going to figure this out." -@AoDespair

David Simon: 'There are now two Americas. My country is a horror show'

David Simon: Capitalism in America has lost sight of its social compact

A typical example of the nuanced arguments made against Bitcoin Cash:

"[The competitive mythic ethos] tend[s] to see life as an eternal competition between warring tribes. They tend to see the line between good and evil as running between groups, not, as in parable, down the middle of every human heart."

Suddenly we are surrounded by myth, like the movie “Avengers: Infinity War.”

Opinion | The Fourth Great Awakening

Parable-based religion has receded from the public square, replaced by heroic myth, and the competitive virtues it celebrates.

"Blockchain governance" generally comes in only three varieties: (1) Lord of the Flies, (2) lawyers, or (3) ruthlessly minimized.

Consensus is the worst form of monetary governance, except all the others.

Looking for a job in crypto? 84 of our portfolio companies have a total of 719 open positions:

Volatility in Bitcoin from temporary uncertainty about its future (vs. both political opposition & crypto competitors), not from its supply limit. As these uncertainties decline its volatility will decline until it reflects more the uncertainty in fiat than its own.

U.S. Secret Service: Action Needed To Address Anonymous Cryptocurrencies

Per this poll from 2017, the majority of #crypto investors entered last year. That means this is their first bear market, in which case, compassion goes a long way.

Chris Burniske on Twitter

“When did you first buy a #cryptoasset? (No need to exaggerate, this is anonymous 😉)”

The value of Bitcoin as SoV, MoWT, and in future via layer2 MoCE is indeed based on its strong & seamlessly global security vs. double-spending, censorship, etc. & prospects for better key management, not on merely economic measures like price and volatility (which will adapt).

Ben Stewart on Twitter

“@NickSzabo4 “More secure” wealth storage and “verifiable” transfer. I’m sure that was implied but just making it ...


Gold was a medium of wealth transfer, not just an investment. Today Bitcoin is an OK long-term SoV (will improve as volatility declines) but a spectacular MoWT. Media of consumer exchange will come w/layer2s, but that's not more important than wealth storage & transfer.

𝕬𝖑𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖔 ⛏️💰🚀🌘🇨🇴 on Twitter

“@real_vijay @rogerkver the Spanish used gold for large transcontinental transactions via galeones during their conquest in Latin America, silve...

The dollar is a great store of value because you can spend it anywhere.

BTC is a great store of value because “muh digital gold”

Once BCH is spendable everywhere it will also be everyone’s store of value.

1/ In this thread I make a philosophical argument for Bitcoin being a socially scalable contribution to conflict prevention in society, contrasting it with the current system of monetary interventionism.

The angel of earning money and the devil of printing money fight for the soul of every individual in Bitcoin.

“There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.” -Niccoló Di Bernardo Machiavelli

Striking bells for particular schedules had poor social scalability: the more people with different schedules in a city, the greater the cacophony. Striking the time greatly increased the temporal coordination in a city: socially scalable schedules.

I tipped crypto folks before 21e800 appeared. Hashrate drives price and hashrate, according to some, has its own intelligence. The singularity has arrived. AI is now. 😀

Tether Hired Former FBI Director’s Law Firm to Vet Finances

Being able to swap assets without a centralized service is awesome -

Feels like time to do another show on Off Chain. We'll discuss my book, my newest article and Q&A

Friday afternoon at 2pm CST.

#Crypto jobs @ZeppelinOrg:
- HR Manager
- Technical Writer
- Software Engineer
- Front-end Engineer
- Community Manager
- Expansion Manager
- Developer Relations
- Head of Marketing & Comms


Zeppelin builds key infrastructure to develop and operate smart contracts systems. We also conduct security audits of decentralized applications.

This reverse adoption of Bitcoin was a direct result of Blockstream and Core's full block policy:

Can’t make it to Singapore, but if I was, I’d be screaming my lungs out about @TheSunExchange. ‘Solar Money’ enabled crypto - is a category killer for fossil fuels. Anyone in Singapore at @CoinAgenda want me to make some intros, contact me ASAP. 🌞💰

CoinAgenda on Twitter

“Join us at our inaugural CoinAgenda Asia conference in Singapore June 21-23. Connect with the #blockchain industry's leading thought leaders, e...

FLASHBACK: The day 🇺🇸 lost its moral authority (and Trump was nowhere in sight). @maddow, Glenn Back, crying about ‘kids in cages’’s all showbiz, kids.

Who saw the current trade war first and started hoarding Gold years ago...

The true ‘flippening:’ Legacy economists and plutocrats flip from warning about BTC dying to worrying about an out-of-control BTC singularity-monster devouring the global economy; rendering all fiat money obsolete and all central bankers redundant. ($100,000 in the bag).

Why does hashrate keep zooming higher no matter what the price? One possible theory, the protocol has its own intelligence and will keep increasing a price insensitive hashrate per its own agenda. The singularity might be here, now.

Denial about immigration problems similar to climate change skepticism. Earth’s carrying capacity for current crop of humans is exhausted. Catastrophic system failure now guaranteed.

After about 6 months of writing sporadically, the first draft of Programming Bitcoin is done!

(It's horrible and needs a lot of fixing, but hey, at least I'm making progress)

Capgemini World Wealth Report: 39% of millionaires considers speculative investing in cryptocurrencies, 19% of them are interested in it as an alternative store of value.

The beanie baby "bull market" started in 1995 and reached its peak in 1999. It seems to share several characteristics with today's altcoin market: promise of value appreciation, uniqueness, novelty, supply scarcity, limited access.

Limitations of the social mind, epitomized by Dunbar's number, explain why governance is very hard and very expensive, and why securely automated currency is such a huge win over governed currency, even at seemingly extreme costs in computational resources

Money, blockchains, and social scalability

Introduction Blockchains are all the rage. The oldest and biggest blockchain of them all is Bitcoin , which over its eight-year hist...

Pin up yet another centralized crypto startup to

Trusted third parties are security holes

Bithumb hacked for $30M but covering all losses. Our industry is getting better and stronger 🙏

2nd largest Korean Bitcoin exchange hacked (#7 worldwide), $30M stolen. HT @MEKhoko

There is disdain for governed chains by just those people who do understand diverse humanity, our scarce attentions, the capabilities and limitations of our social minds, and how social scalability is far more important than narrow obsessions with transactional performance.

Dr. Randy Magnum on Twitter

“@RUDEMUDCRAB @NickSzabo4 @TheWeeTank Discussing the nature of humanity in technology doesn't get very far in this space, especially those with ...

Micropayments in games can be fun, but sustainable success with Lightning will come from friendly, auto-routed UIs for normal-sized, anonymous (thus form-minimized), and instant payments:

Estimating and minimizing consumer worry

The process of selling in general, and web commerce in particular, is often described or charted as a funnel. Prospective customers are pour...

Saying that a Bitcoin standard would "break the internet" is like saying that under a modern gold standard all car & plane traffic would grind to a halt because of how much gold would need to be transported to settle billions of transactions.

If the Bitcoin price rises to over $1M, that would give ~100k bitcoiners "Ultra High Net Worth Individual" status (+$50M). With worldwide UHNWIs projected at only ~200k by 2022, this means the Bitcoin 1% could by then make up 30-50% of the world's financial elites. #Disruption

Mass adoption of #Bitcoin is unnecessary. I wouldn’t be surprised if the digital drawbridge gets pulled up and everyone stuck with fiat is left with nothing.

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