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#bulletproofs are a much bigger deal than most realise: they are a general snark competitor that has a range for advantages and better security. Performance numbers so far are surprisingly good and still improving.

Blockstream on Twitter

“#Bulletproofs: rangeproofs in hundreds of bytes and tens of microseconds, the ability to prove hash preimages in zero knowledge (and more!) wit...

I don't know why people have decided to add me to mentions of #BTK #BTKCommunity #bitcointoken. I block them for pushing their scam. I am now muting the keyword. Stop!

Money is good, Greed is not
Power is good, Abuse is not
Truth is good, Oppression is not
Beauty is good, Narcissism is not

Do not conflate the good with the bad.

"I don't think people that call X or Y the 'YahooKiller' understand its network effect & first mover advantage. If a startup builds a better portal/search engine, Yahoo would just adopt the tech."

Andrew on Twitter

“I don’t think people that call X or Y the “EthereumKiller” understand Ethereum’s community, network effect, first mover...

Note how this ignores a whole class of Ethereum killers: tech that recognizes that blockchains usually don't need tokens to be useful.

That's something Ethereum can never truly adopt, as it would destroy the value proposition of the currency.

Andrew on Twitter

“I don’t think people that call X or Y the “EthereumKiller” understand Ethereum’s community, network effect, first mover...

Bill Miller on the bearish Bitcoin consensus among some of the world's best and most sophisticated investors: certitude is not the test of certainty.

Education is on the cusp of a tech revolution: AR, VR, online classes, collaborative learning.

It will take a catalyst to tip.

"Not being shot" is the catalyst that could result in empty schools within a decade.

Right wing predators with guns vs. left predators with sexual assault (94% of women in ‘Liberal’ Hollywood are victims of sexual assault). Pick your poison, America. Uncle Sam wants to love you long time...

Prediction: left wing politics like we haven’t seen since the ‘Black Panthers’ about to surge in 🇺🇸 as interest rates rise, stocks and bonds sink, wages improve and #Bitcoin viewed as this generation’s LSD. #BitTimothyLeary

Parkland mass murder survivors being treated with disgust like returning Vietnam veterans. The public doesn’t want to believe the horrors and deaths they’ve faced — in the service of arms manufacturers and the MSM that support them.

Long road ahead for this gen. hoping to escape 🇺🇸 fascination with mass shootings of kids for shits and giggles. This sadist D’Souza trivializing mass murder of Americans for cheap laughs is just a taste of what they’re up against. #GodSpeed

The time for a 2A revolution to take govt back from treasonous corporations has passed (and so-called Libertarians in 🇺🇸 did nothing). Mass shootings are the result of these 2A cowards’ laziness. Heroic kids are now fighting for their lives. #GodSpeed

#Bitcoin showing inverse correlation to $USD. Long term trend for $ is 👎

I made more with 1 @steemit post than I made in a year on @YouTube 😂😂😂

“When we think about the future of the world we always have in mind where it would be if it continues to move as we see it moving now. We do not realize that it does not move in a straight line and that its direction changes constantly.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

5 words that changed the world: Encrypted money available to everyone. #Bitcoin

Only 1 more day for the early bird discount for Programming Blockchain Hong Kong!

Also from another programming blockchain alumnus @digi_james, an explanation of soft forks (esp BIP16):

This generation is fighting for their lives. A major social wave is coming similar to ‘60’s. This looks like 10,000 ‘Kent States’ raging to the surface.

Alejandro Alvarez on Twitter

“.@AP photo of Parkland students watching as the Florida House rejected another attempt at banning assault rifles.”

It feels like TCRs are working their way into every nook & cranny of crypto right now.

Down markets present an opportunity to cut your losses w/ cryptoassets you prob never should have bought, swapping those funds into assets for which you have firm conviction.

Gun owners have to buy insurance to offset costs of mass shootings, homicides, etc. Price goes up with heavier artillary. You can reduce cost if you get trained. This would probably reduce gun violence by 90% while still retain right to own guns under 2nd amend. #WinWin

#Bitcon, the only non-correlated asset, in a world where every single asset class (except Gold) is trading at extreme overvaluatins. $28,000 in play.

If Petro works... US unable to apply sanctions anywhere. 👍

You cannot lift the poor out of poverty by taxing the rich into poverty.

Instead of taxes, govts can launch ICO’s to cover various bundles of policy initiatives.

Venezuela is just the first of a wave of many countries launching cryptos. The death knell for fiat money has sounded.

#Bitcoin bull resumes after pullback. New ATH a dead certainty. $28,000 in play.

True story: I’ve been begging @CNBCFastMoney’s @jonnajarian (he’ll confirm) to buy #Bitcoin since it was under $100. 😂😂😂

Congress sets sights on federal cryptocurrency rules

The Internet encourages learning and discourages information rent-seeking
Bitcoin encourages saving and discourages monetary rent-seeking

The Meuller hoax is about censorship. I’m against censorship. #Bitcoin is uncensorable and so am I.

Before locks were invented, people used tamper evident seals + psychological techniques to dissuade breaking. This and much more in @NickSzabo4's classic "The Playdough Protocols":

1/ Claiming that Bitcoin has failed, fails to recognize these are open source software networks that morph and evolve over time.

#RussiaGate Hoax in 1 tweet: Russians tweet about trending social media topics. Mueller’s investigation thinks this is worthy of indictments. The End.

"Rather than paying a vendor to produce a list of some sort, consumers in token-curated registries consume at no cost the product of an entire market of vendors competing against one another to produce the best list a free market can produce." -Mike Goldin

The Black Panthers need to up their Twitter game. #BlackIsBeutiful #BlackPower

While America sinks deeper into a police state-like Sovietization, Russia continues plowing on toward free-market capitalism. Putin = Eisenhower.

So while the banking regulators in India were bashing bitcoin for being "unregulated", a $2 bn fraud ring was growing under their noses. One of their biggest banks (regulated) was doing all the money laundering.

Honestly, it's almost as if money laundering is the job of banks

Billboards on LA’s Sunset Blvd. coming soon. @stacyherbert @StayDashy

Brexit simply adds more bureaucrats to bureaucratic-heavy UK. After bottoming at 55% govt / % of GDP in early 2000’s, 🇬🇧 is heading back to a pre-Thatcher 80%. #SickManOfEurope

Many don’t know there was a 3rd writer involved with “Cryptoassets,” who helped to blend together my voice and @JackTatar’s. Her name is @KLaceyWriter and if you’re looking to write a book, she’s a wonderful editor 🙌

Excited for the 3rd @_CryptoIQ newsletter ! Use coupon CHARLIE for 25% off ! #bitcoin #crypto

.@DanielaCambone I’m back in NYC tomorrow... #Bitcoin continues to roll over all naysayers on its way to $100,000. @KitcoNewsNOW Gold investors should be kissing Bitcoin’s a**. 😀👍

I'm seeing a lot of these messages, all identical. They're pushing some token, using "bitcoin" as its name. 🤔

Smells like a scam from a mile away, in my opinion.🤬


Also insta-block for spamming my mentions

For my first event of 2018, I will be speaking at the #FrontierSF developers' conference in April:

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