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"Next: Blockchain" Amazon Instant Video ~ Charlie Shrem via @amazon

A few weeks ago I unsuccessfully tried to pay my cellphone bill with Lightning via @acinq_co's Eclair wallet and @bitrefill; kept failing due to what were apparently routing problems.

Just tried again, and out of the box it was a perfect success! $40 payment confirmed instantly.

I talk about @glenweyl and Eric Posner's "Radical Markets", and talk about radical markets in blockchain land.

ICYMI: It's big. And square. And Trump don't like it. via @YouTube

Looking for 5,000 Satoshis in short-term.

Great gift for all occasions! I might need to get a few dozen more... @saifedean

My new conversation starter is "So I recently read Hanson and Simler's _The Elephant in the Brain_, and that book had a lot of interesting insights, for example how conversations aren't really about trading information, but are actually more about showing off how smart you are".

Brian Lui on Twitter

“My new dream is to be at a dinner party where @KevinSimler and @robinhanson's amazing book The Elephant in the Brain can be enthusiastically di...

You remember old movies when they wanted to make clear who were the bad guys, they showed them separating children from the families?

Your taxes paying the bad guys. Evil triumphs when good people remain silent.

Jason Kander on Twitter

“Positively heartbreaking and cruel.”

Any attempt to change a PoW algorithm has a major trust problem: who do you trust to propose such an algorithm, but *not* already have built an ASIC for it in secret?

Supposedly "ASIC-hard" algorithms don't help here either, as even in the best case optimizations are possible.

Vortex on Twitter

“@CobraBitcoin @peterktodd "loss of sales for their existing Bitcoin miners" False. They have massive reserves and plenty enough to create and ...

While I'm disappointed with Coinbase shutting access to Wikileaks, I'm not hating them or proposing any boycott.

Coinbase is the most bitcoin-friendly bank there is. Once you accept that they are a bank, it becomes easier to understand. If you need to use a bank, they're it.

Gregory Maxwell made a very insightful comment re: PoW change the other day: because Bitmain is a manufacturer - and has the capability to quickly put out new ASICs - PoW changes represent an opportunity to sell *more* equipment, which can actually be good for them overall.

Cøbra on Twitter

“Chinese centralized miners now believe they can set economic policy, behaving like some sort of federal reserve. The Bitcoin Cash community sho...

That's the point of Bitcoin: be your own bank, receive your own payments so there is no intermediary to say "no". A hosted account is just a Bitcoin denominated bank account with mid term the same problems as PayPal and banks.

BTCPay Server on Twitter

“For those let down by Coinbase or Bitpay and open to host your own payment solution, come to if you need help getting s...

Stuff CS departments should teach, but don't do very well:

* Source control, esp. git
* How to do effective code review
* How to read API documentation
* Publishing your own library
* Command-line basics
* Debugging and fixing for the long term
* Refactoring w/unit tests

It is known that GPU is very unstable and they need significant attention to maintain. So industrial miners will have advantage. ASIC rig is stable and home miners do not have to use working hours to monitor the rig and it is more fair when they compete with industrial miners.

We have come full circle. Many people's interest in bitcoin started when Wikileaks was out under an extra judicial embargo by VISA, MC, PayPal and banks. Now Coinbase has repeated history. Oops.

WikiLeaks Shop on Twitter

“ANNOUNCE: Coinbase has blocked the official @WikiLeaks shop from its platform without notice or explanation. You can continue to donate #Bitcoi...

#BitcoinCash Welcomes: @Microsoft @Azure @Fidelity @Google @Apple @IBMResearch @Samsung @intel @Cisco @Oracle @Qualcomm @HP @SAP @Accenture @skhynix @TXInstruments @Corning @Fujitsu_Global @Sony @ToshibaInnovate @jack @elonmusk @peterthiel @barrysilbert @reidhoffman @novogratz

Peter R. Rizun on Twitter

“Billion-dollar corporations take note: Bitcoin Cash is open for business! Just try to fill up our blocks, I dare you. There will be no "Fideli...

#Bitcoin climbing a wall of worry right now. Conviction is low. Conditions are right for a new ATH.

Information products trend toward zero in both cost and profit in a digital world. They then become marketing costs for other businesses that are less replicate-able.

Do things that don't scale, but make money, and then figure out how to scale them.

The very first bullet point in the howto for paper wallets is why they're not useful for most people:

Step 1: "Ensure your computer is entirely free from any form of malicious software."

This is equivalent to "get a hardware wallet"

Paper Wallet Guide: How to Protect Your Cryptocurrency

With Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a host of other cryptocurrencies once again making headlines following an incredibly bullish year, crypto security has nev...

The slippery slope fallacy fallacy: assuming that all slippery slope arguments are fallacious.

Here's what the "security" seal on my new @yubico Nano 4 looked like after I spent 5 minutes with a pair of tweezers, extracting the Nano 4 and replacing it with a totally different device.

Are you *sure* you'd notice that broken security seal? Even after opening 50 of them?

Sad that a journey of a thousand miles these days starts with a white paper, marketing, multiple "advisors" and $100 million.

LIVE From Bitcoin Economic Event in Toronto w/ Max Keiser & More via @YouTube

Should I live stream Max & Stacy at Toronto event in a few minutes?

Technical picture for #Bitcoin now excellent as double-bottom bull pattern confirmed. New ATH incoming. $28,000 in play.

Percent of top 5-100 altcoins increasing > 200% over 90 days
(Original thread with discussion & more charts: )

Found out I owe a lot to @ev: took my first steps as a writer on Blogger, currently doing all my publishing through either Twitter or Medium. This entrepreneur is founder of all three companies:

Masters of Scale on Twitter

“In this week's episode, we went all the way back to @ev 's days as a blogger and look all the way forward to the future of @Medium. Listen for ...

Complicated smart contracts are both dumb (high chance of exploits) and not really contracts (subject to the whims of third parties)

When I use , it pops an error with "Error with request (response code 401):If this problem persists, try refreshing the page." what does it mean?

Economists always go wrong by assuming humans are rationale and that society will eventually reach equilibrium.

In balanced ternary, the 0.99999999999..... = 1 problem does not exist. But instead, you have the 0.11111111111...... = 1.999999999.... problem (taking 9,0,1 as the digits)

Only 24 hours left to take advantage of the early bird pricing for New York!

Apply here:

Actually @LiaraRoux understates it: Cloudflare quite happily hosts neo-nazi's, scams, DDoS services, etc. They only kicked off that one neo-nazi because of false claims that Cloudflare supported their politics; others remain.

Shows the power of FOSTA in criminalizing speech.

Liara Roux on Twitter

“Statement from's Assembly Four about the outage. After working to solve it, they were met with an email from Cloudfla...

33 more devs trained. Biggest class yet! Thank you @jmcorgan and Shannon for being TAs!

My theory: the brain processes images faster when you’re young - and the effect, like shooting above 24 FPS in film, is slow motion. Conversely, with age, the brain processing rate slows down and so is analogous to fast-action films - with time flying by.

Jameson Lopp on Twitter

“Time appears to pass faster as we age, presumably because each unit of time progressively becomes a smaller percentage of our total time experi...

While the #BitLicense may have legitimized #Bitcoin in some professionals’ eyes, that benefit was not worth the cost of #crypto startups fleeing the state.

Intellectual honesty is less about being an intellectual than it is being honest.

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Dear @reddit, I heard that as of recently you were not a profitable company.
I'll pay you $100,000 USD if you simply appoint a moderator to /r/Bitcoin who supports free speech.
CC: @alexisohanian @wtfspez @brian_armstrong

Token engineering = “formal attention to the token’s role in driving the network towards a shared optimization objective associated with the network’s function, rather than the token’s value on a secondary market.” @mZargham @block_science doing solid work

On Engineering Economic Systems – Block Science – Medium

The Emergence of Decentralized Artificially Intelligent Networks

You can now send an on-chain Bitcoin transaction that'll confirm within 24 hours for 1sat/byte, or about $0.03. src:

BREAKING: @Ofcom demands RT run programs about London property prices going up! 😂😂😂

For what it's worth I think the long scale (10^6 = 1 million, 10^9 = 1 milliard, 10^12 = 1 billion, 10^15 = 1 billiard, etc) is superior.

How it came to be that 1000^3 is a billion, 1000^4 is a trillion, 1000^5 is a quadrillion is beyond me.

Vitalik "Not giving away ETH" Buterin on Twitter

“@PenBercifield Asia standardized on 10^4 separators mostly separately from Europe standardizing on 10^3? And it's worth noting that Europe its...

The way European languages do numbers sucks.

"15" and "50" both basically decompose into "five ten", just with weirdly different suffixes.

English: fifteen, fifty
German: fünfzehn, fünfzig
Russian: пятнадцать, пятьдесят


Chinese/Japanese: 十五,五十
Korean: 십오, 오십

I don’t have a account yet. I will publish my account once I successfully have one. It is hard to sign up now because their little server is too busy.

Fun fact, In 1999, Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman predicted the rise of Bitcoin. In an interview with NTU/F, Friedman suggested a future system that would allow “A method where buying on the Internet you can transfer funds from A to B, without A knowing B or B knowing A.”

The only correct order for dates is: year, month, day (eg. 2018 Apr 17, or 2018.04.17). All other orders are an abomination.

Interesting to watch $TWTR vs $FB right now, especially as @Twitter remains one of the least algo-filtered social networks out there🤞

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