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‘Russia situation’ barely registers as a concern for Americans. Trump knows this but keeps it alive baiting @maddow, etc. who are beholden to corporations cashing in on ratings. Maddow and Hillary are Trump’s useful idiots.

#classical_charting_101 IMO, wicks represent intraday volatility largely caused by emotional reactions and fed by HFTs/algos. Very important for day/scalp traders, but irrelevant for longer-term understanding.

democrats were hacked from the inside by seth rich after they stole the primary from sanders. That's why hes dead now. China has hillary's 30,000 emails "lost" by the FBI. frankly a 12 yr old could have hacked her from his mom's basement she was so cavalier w her blackberry.

#classical_charting_101 5+month continuation H&S developing on Factor RealRange® Dow Jones chart. Pattern target is 27035, swing target is 32229. Remember, patterns can always fail.

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