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We are very excited to announce that we will host the @Peoplewavehr ICO on our #ICOMissionControl platform from 5pm SGT (UTC+8) May 31 to June 6.

Don't forget, you can enjoy a 95% bonus in the first 24 HOURS!

Learn more about the $PWV ICO:

Below airdrops have been distributed to users who retweeted and followed us.
1. LYM#1
2. BOT
3. SKM
4. Qtum#2
5. BTM
6. SMT
7. RED
Please check the rewards at New airdrops are coming!Follow us @gate_io and instagram for more info

Bithumb's English language service has been improved.🔧
Bithumb team is keep working for enhanced language service. 
We will try our best to provide better service.
We appreciate for your support!🙏

Please see our recent statement regarding our obligations as a Financial Service Provider in New Zealand. We are committed to ensuring we remain a compliant and responsible company both under New Zealand law and in order to meet our own ethical standards.

仮想通貨情報サイト CoinPost(@coin_post)に当社代表加納(@YuzoKano)のインタビューが掲載されました。ぜひご覧ください。



現在のビットコイン価格は 814,327 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。

We're happy to announce the listing of Fabric Token, $FT! Welcome to the Cryptopia family @fabric_token! See more info on our Help Centre Listings page:

We spoke to @PayWithInk, @dragoncoin and @earthtokens about their ICO experiences and how our #ICOMissionControl platform could have helped relieve the burden of carrying out a token sale.


We're here to make ICOs safe, simple, secure.

Last chance to enter our Geek pride day competition and WIN! Competiton closes at 12AM UTC tomorrow. Good luck!

The abnormal activities in RLC-USDT market was caused by a chatbox injection attack. We received the alert instantly and locked the suspicious accounts & disabled trading within 15 minutes and fixed the bug. If your account is affected, please submit ticket, we cover your loss.

現在のビットコイン価格は 811,512 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。 has had an uptime of 99.9% since launching 3.5 years ago. Trading physically allocated commodities with #bitcoin. Some people get frustrated that new features take us a long time to implement. When it comes to crypto, Safty first! This image explains why.

Some of you have raised questions about recent updates to our onboarding and identity verification processes. Rest assured your funds are safe, and please see our product update with more detail on next steps:

Join me on @WorldCryptoNet live in 1.5 hours time with @theonevortex to talk about #LightningNetwork #bitcoin and what the future holds for people trading #BTC with physical Commodities on Vaultoro.

"Liquidity is a well-known problem within the #crypto space. QUOINE aims to solve this issue by building a liquidity platform."

The @Altcoinbuzzio team take a look at #LIQUIDbyQUOINE, the #WorldBook and $QASH.

📺 (starts 6:50)

現在のビットコイン価格は 807,023 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。

As a #crypto trader,
You got to know when to Hodle 'em,
Know when to fodle 'em,

Check out our weekly #bitcoin price analysis

Don't forget to regularly review the coins being delisted on the Exchange and keep your coins current. Bookmark this page to stay up to date.

現在のビットコイン価格は 805,702 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。

現在のビットコイン価格は 805,299 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。

We are happy to announce the launch of OCN/KCS, OCN/USDT, DRGN/KCS and CS/KCS trading pairs on KuCoin! You can start trading now.

See the official announcement here:

@OdysseyOCN @dragonchaingang @creditscom #KCS #USDT #OCN #DRGN #CS #CryptoExchange

Check out so many amazing updates in Mike’s weekend message to #QUOINE community (May 26th, 2018) regarding:
- Product Development
- Token Listing
- Marketing & Community
- Operations & Customer Support


Game Stars ICO (Yobit Partners) - get 30% bonus!
Only 24 hrs left! Token sale (first stage) will be closed on May 27th.
Buy tokens with 30% bonus:

GameStars | eSports Investment Blockchain Platform

Invest and start winning with the rising Stars of eSports

現在のビットコイン価格は 830,605 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。

KuCoin Will Start EOS MainNet Token Swap Soon

See the official announcement here:


一部 LINE グループ等で、「内々情報です。(拡散厳禁)」

現在のビットコイン価格は 818,400 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。

現在のビットコイン価格は 816,726 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。

[status] Scheduled (May 29, 2018, 20:00 PDT): We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday May 29 from 8:00 pm PST to 9:00 pm PST.

During this time GDAX, Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Prime will be offline.

All resting orders will remain in …

Teach your kids programming and mathematics in a super fun way and reward them in bitcoin! check out @WeathermanIam's cool project

Yo! don't miss our Weekly #bitcoin and #gold Price Analysis blog posts.

#BTC/USD - Bitcoin falling faster, but where is the bottom?
#XAU/USD - Gold charms investors as North Korean negotiations fall through

Weekly Price Analysis #4: Week 21 - 2018

BTC/USD - Bitcoin falling faster, but where is the bottom? At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $7595, which is almost 60% down from the star...

Dear clients, new markets #ELI/#BTC, ELI/#ETH and ELI/#BCH are available for trading #Eligma #livecoin

Dear clients, new markets #SPD/#BTC, SPD/#ETH are available for trading #Spindle #livecoin

$FACE market is live now on #HitBTC, one of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges. Start trading $FACE against $BTC and $ETH

We are launching a new listing promotion together with @iotex_io! 5,000,000 IOTX + 5 BTC in total rewards!

Details available here:

1. Follow @kucoincom
2. Retweet this post
3. Fill in the form:


Maintenance on Dice Database Cluster (overload), est time - 1-3 hours.

Any accs with Dice/InvestBox automation will be blocked, it's forbidden.

Coinfloor is proud to be sponsoring @AmelieArras again in her bid to win the #paymentsRace during #Money2020 Europe from Istanbul to Amsterdam. Send her your selfie videos supporting #TeamCrypto!

Amélie Arras on Twitter

“All those who believe, send will you do what it takes to get cryptocurrencies credible against other traditional payment method and send a vide...

We're excited to announce that Pluscoin will be tradeable on!

@PlusCoin is connecting dots between cryptocurrency and real world economy. $PLC can be used various business like payment apps, mining games all around the world.


Here are the answers to some burning questions about #QUOINE, $QASH and #LIQUIDbyQUOINE from our friend @Bloom_Shark.


#Bitcoin Market Price Update XBT/GBP | Last Price: £5522.00 | 24-Hour Low: £5440.00, High: £5713.00, Volume: 219.6635 XBT

#BitcoinCash Market Price Update BCH/GBP | Last Price: £785.00 | 24-Hour Low: £785.00, High: £785.00, Volume: 2.9908 BCH


Team Vuulr have increased affiliate rewards from 100 to 300 VUU for you and your friend for every Vuulr ICO participant you sign up. You have until May 30. Log on to, grab your affiliate code and get referring!


2.4M Mobius (MOBI) will be airdropped to all users* and winners* of BTC/ETH/EOS Deposit Competitions!
Click this to know more details:
*based on snapshot at UTC 16:00 May 30 2018.

現在のビットコイン価格は 818,408 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。

2016 年 8 月 8 日より開始した「チャットボーナスキャンペーン」を本日、2018 年 5 月 25 日 23 時 59 分をもって終了いたします。キャンペーンにご参加いただき、誠にありがとうございました。

New Kind of Network(NKN)starts to trade at UTC 4:00, 28 May on; Deposit on Follow @gate_io after retweet& complete: before UTC 23:59, 27 May to get random amount of 7,000 NKN Airdrop.

Our Co-founder and CEO @MikeKayamori had an interesting chat with @TheCryptoLark this week. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think.


Official #EXMO position concerning #GDPR👌
Read more:

2.4M Mobius (MOBI) airdrop event for all users in the commmunity! 2018년 5월 31일 01:00(UTC+9) 스냅샷을 기준으로 MOBI에어드랍이 진행 됩니다. 약 240만 MOBI가 고객 분들께 배분될 예정입니다. 많은 참여를 부탁드립니다.

Mr. Kallon and Jeffrey Wernick are in the summit meeting in Vietnam💐
Who is Mr. Kallon? The founder of IFOOD. Ifoods Token (IFOOD) tokensale will be opened in 1 hour 20 mins.
Who is Jeffrey Wernick? The second person who hold most BTC in the world

IoTeX (IOTX) is now available on KuCoin, you can deposit now. Trading pairs include IOTX/BTC and IOTX/ETH. Buying starts May 25, 2018 13:30 (UTC+8), selling starts May 25, 2018 14:00 (UTC+8), and withdrawal opens May 27, 2018 14:00 (UTC+8)

@iotex_io #KCS #IOTX #BTC #ETH #ICO

現在のビットコイン価格は 841,991 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。

Get your Geek on! To celebrate Geek Pride Day, Cryptopia is giving you the chance to win one of FIVE x 5000 DOT prizes. Enter now to WIN!

"No, try not. Do, or do not. There is no try." - Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

Visit Bithumb website and trade newly listed cryptocurrencies, 👼
Steem(STEEM) @steemit and Stratis(STRAT) @stratisplatform

▶ PC :

빗썸(Bithumb) - 믿을 수 있는 암호화폐 거래소


現在のビットコイン価格は 833,026 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。

Quick update: The GTO-BTC and GTO-ETH trading pairs are now available on @BittrexExchange. For more information about Gifto (GTO) visit:

Due to an increase in fraud, we have been forced to increase the verification requirements for Flexepin account fundings. Effective immediately, 2 forms of verification will be require to fund your account using a Flexepin Voucher.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Dear clients, new markets #RTB/#BTC, RTB/#ETH are available for trading #ABCHAINRTB #livecoin

Please beware!
Scammers are impersonating our official account.
We will NEVER do token giveaways or ask you to send us tokens. Scammers often use hundreds of bots claiming to have received free tokens.

Dear clients, please complete #EOS deposits/withdrawals before May 27. After this date deposits/withdrawals will be disabled. EOS and #eosDAC trading will be suspended on May 28, till the swap of this assets is finished.

Dear traders, the accident has been resolved on 14:00 UTC. If you still have problems with accessing HitBTC, please open a support ticket.

#Bitcoin Market Price Update XBT/GBP | Last Price: £5474.00 | 24-Hour Low: £5430.00, High: £5967.00, Volume: 504.0583 XBT

#BitcoinCash Market Price Update BCH/GBP | Last Price: £745.00 | 24-Hour Low: £735.00, High: £801.00, Volume: 45.4567 BCH

現在のビットコイン価格は 819,768 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。

Dear traders, you may have difficulties accessing all the HitBTC services starting from 11:30 UTC 24 May due to a hosting provider’s infrastructure fault. We will post an update as soon as the issue is resolved.

Functions on our website are easily accessed through following the instructions.
Here's the guidelines for 'Bithumb to Bithumb Pro Asset Transfer'.

Bithumb Tutorial: How to Transfer balance "Bithumb to BithumPRO"

Go to Bithumb► Go to BithumbPRO ► Contact us at: / +82-1661-5551 How to RE...

Functions on our website are easily accessed through following the instructions.
Here's the guidelines for 'Corporate Account Authentication'.

Bithumb Tutorial: How to Verify Corporate Account (KYC)

Verify Corporate Account on bithumb ► Contact us at: / +82-1661-5551 How to REGISTER Bithumb Exchange (C...

Functions on our website are easily accessed through following the instructions.
Here's the guidelines for 'Corporate Account Registration'.

Bithumb Tutorial: How to REGISTER Bithumb Exchange (Corporate User Guide)

Set up a New Corporate Account on bithumb ► Contact us at: / +82-1661-5551 How to VERIFY Corporate ACCOU...

A lack of liquidity backing the token-based ecosystem is a constant danger in the #crypto economy.

The #WorldBook 🗺️📖 solves this problem.


We are doing IFOOD roadshow in allcoin Chinese Telegram group: , in Allcoin English group, we are broadcasting the roadshow: . Meanwhile, please check IFOOD team picture in the summit meeting in Vietnam

(완료) 서버 점검 완료 안내/ Maintenance completed
• 점검완료시간 : 2018년 5월 24일 (목) 오후 4시
점검 완료 하였으며, 정상적으로 서비스 이용이 가능합니다.
이용에 불편을 드려 대단히 죄송합니다

We are listing Steem(STEEM) and Stratis(STRAT) today!👍
@steemit @stratisplatform


Do you know IFOOD in the picture? Come to Allcoin and check the announcement, you will like it, in about 1 hour 10 mins, we will broadcast IFOOD roadshow in Allcoin Telegram group: 😀😀😀

Dear friends, the "Retweet DTC video to win DTC bonus" activity is completed, if you have retweeted this activity, please contact the admin @yuhouyuan in Allcoin English Telegram group: ,we will record your info 😁😁😁

Allcoin Exchange

Allcoin is a global digital asset trading platform operated by Cascadaia Fintech Corp, which is incorporated in Vancouver Canada. It has been listed o...

当社初となる競技プログラミングコンテスト「codeFlyer」を、6 月 2 日より開催いたします。賞金はビットコインで付与、成績上位 3 名には「内定確約パス」を進呈いたします。
詳細は下記 URL をご確認ください。
「codeFlyer」 HP:

We're happy to announce the listing of EZToken $EZT! Welcome to the Cryptopia family @eztoken ! See more info on our Help Centre Listings page:

안녕하세요, 게이트 코리아입니다. 퀀텀 소나기 이벤트를 진행합니다.
이벤트 날짜: 2018/5/22 ~ 2018/5/30/ 격일 / 이벤트 시간: 10:30 - 18:30
많은 참여를 부탁드립니다! 텔레그램

QUOINE CEO @MikeKayamori and @Coinbase Director of Global Business Development @sjrosenblum discuss the "Future of #Cryptocurrency in the Northern Hemisphere" at @slushHQ Tokyo 2017. #TBT

現在のビットコイン価格は 838,094 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。

【重要】bitFlyer を装った不審な電子メールにご注意ください 。
5 月 24 日現在、bitFlyer を装った不審な電子メールが確認されております。画像のようなメールをお受け取りになられた場合、文面に記載されたリンク等はクリックしないでください。

現在のビットコイン価格は 838,000 円です。 ※仮想通貨の相場は大きく変動する場合がございます。余裕をもったお取引をお勧めします。

From May, 31 till approximately August, 31 we will switch to "limited service" mode for summer vacations. Read details here:

We have temporally increased the confirmation times on BTG due to recent confirmed double spend attacks. Our internal audit has shown that at present our users have not been affected:

Double Spend Attack on Exchanges

How to prevent double spending attack? You are safe if you don’t receive coins from the attacker (or anyone you don’t know). Usually the ...

We're excited to announce Coinbase Pro!

Keep up with the latest #cryptocurrency market charts with @QuadrigaCoinEx: XBT/CAD ETH/CAD LTC/CAD BTG/CAD

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