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Blockchain seems to be a perfect choice to address the unintentionally cumbersome and relatively opaque supply chain in ad tech in 2018. However, establishing transparency and trust would require a central and secure way to record, review and execute a deal. Blockchain in Adtech is quite a stretch from the way deals are typically stored currently so creating standards and enabling collaboration are essential steps on this path to progress. team is determined to bring you an industry vertical specific series every month which would highlight the names of the companies and their efforts to introduce Blockchain in the mainstream tech. We would like to start the series of stories with Adtech industry and here is the first story of the series for you where we are covering

Here is an exclusive interview with Ian Kane, Co-founder of who plans to tackle the adtech industry issues head on with their blockchain based solution by touching each layer of the adtech supply chain equally. Enjoy the read!

What is Ternio?

Ternio is a patent-pending blockchain system built to transform the $224 billion digital advertising market.  Digital advertising is filled with domain fraud, bot traffic, lack of transparency and lengthy payment models.  Incentives are not aligned causing both advertisers and publishers to feel they are on the losing side of the deal.   Ternio utility token provides a verifiable and decentralized asset that empowers advertisers to verify spend through the supply chain and gives the supply chain the vehicle to be paid on delivery.  Advertisers get what they pay for and publishers don’t have to wait months to collect.  Ternio can be integrated with most ad technology platforms letting trustworthy companies share in the success.

Tell us about yourself a bit and also the team behind Ternio?

I have worked in digital media for over 10 years with a heavy focus on business development, sales, and strategy. My career started as the 1st employee in a small digital media startup which grew into a $50mm a year business.  Eventually I moved on to Tapad, a cross-device DSP, where I ran publisher operations.  After Tapad, I became CRO for Ad3 Media which will be Ternio’s first partner to our deploy blockchain technology.

Bryant Maroney and Daniel Gouldman are my co-founders.  Bryant is one of the most talented developers I have ever worked with.  He is the technical expert behind Ternio and has held development and engineering roles for BeanStalk Data, Bank of America, and Ford Motors.  Daniel is one of the hardest working guys I know.  He is CEO at Ad3 Media and previously founded several other successful digital media companies.  He is also responsible for the digital efforts for the ACLU and members of US congress.

Why does the ad industry need a solution like Ternio. How Blockchain in adtech will help?

Approximately 40% of every advertising dollar that enters the ecosystem actually reaches the publisher.  There are too many companies in the ad supply chain.  Some are providing little to no value relative to their cost and others are participating in outright fraud (domain spoofing, bot traffic, etc.).  Ternio’s technology will enable trustworthy companies to leverage the benefits of blockchain while simultaneously eliminating the bad players.  By reducing the total number of bad players in the supply chain, we enable the good companies to thrive.  More important, we enable publishers to collect a higher percentage of the total ad dollars entering the ecosystem.  Ultimately, Ternio won’t dictate who advertisers and publishers work with - we just want to bring transparency to the process.

Why do you think that the solution that you are proposing can only be possible through Blockchain?

Blockchain brings trust to any trustless environment through transparency.  This is made possible in advertising by having a decentralized auditing system and utilizing smart contracts to ensure advertiser’s deal terms are honored throughout the supply chain.  Ternio writes the publisher/advertiser contract (insertion order) into the smart contract.  In today’s market, advertising lacks real transparency and this murkiness is what enables bad players to sustain themselves.  

Tell us more about the crowdsale. How much is the platform looking to raise? What will the funds be used for?

In total Ternio is releasing 490mm tokens at $0.10 during the public sale starting on April 2nd, 2018.   We are in presale now with tokens being sold at a discounted rate.   It’s tough to forecast a final number, but we anticipate raising approximately $40,000,000.   Those funds are going to be used to help grow our team, accelerate research and development, and build awareness of Ternio in the advertising industry.  

What are the future plans following the crowdsale?

After the token sale is closed we will finalize integration of our first partner - Ad3 Media.  Ad3 is a company that Daniel, Bryant, and I also manage so it made the most sense to start there.  Publishers on the Ad3 platform will be able to benefit from daily payments instead of the current Net60 terms.   Following Ad3 we will on board additional ad platforms that we currently have in the queue.

Any partnerships or collaborations so far? What about in the near future?

We do!  Ad3 will be the first to integrate with Ternio followed by other companies who we’re already talking with.  We aren’t announcing those names yet as we want to be respectful of everyone’s privacy.  However, as we get closer to the public sale date on April 2nd we will make those names public.  We understand these details are important to everyone and will disclose them in due time.

Anything that you would like to say to our readers, that is not mentioned on the website or the White Paper?

I think the most important thing that is often overlooked about Ternio is that our technology will support programmatic advertising.  Months ago many people said that blockchain would not support the total transaction volume that programmatic advertising requires.  However, Ternio’s patent-pending technology is able to do what no one else currently can.  I give a lot of credit to Ternio’s engineering team for building this solution.

Are you hiring? If yes, how can one apply for the open positions?

As of right now, no.  We’re 100% focused on our presale and public sale.  However, we will start hiring after it closes.  I recommend that anyone interested in working with Ternio or for Ternio reach out to [email protected].   We’re always on the look-out for talented people and smart companies who we can collaborate with!

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