Top Crypto Influencers To Follow On Twitter

For Top Crypto Influencers, Twitter by far remains the defacto choice amongst all the other social channel to send updates and opinions to the community. Almost all top Bitcoin whales, crypto companies and influencers are usually seen sending the word out to the community through their Twitter accounts and hence have a huge number of followers.

For every newbie trader or blockchain enthusiast who joins Twitter in search for information needs a starting point and want to know who are the trusted information sources to follow. In order to break this entry barrier and make this process easier, CoinScenario team has created 4 custom lists of the most trusted, official and verified Twitter accounts:

  1. Top Crypto Influencers
  2. Top Crypto Day Traders and Technical Analysts
  3. Top Cryptocurrencies/ Companies
  4. Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Top Crypto Influencers

In this post, we would list the Top Crypto Influencers of the Blockchain and Crypto world and also few notable facts about them. Please note that the order of the below presentation is in alphabetical order and has got nothing to do with the level of influence.


Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Entrepreneur, coder, hacker, author, humanist, pacifist, pilot. Author of Mastering Bitcoin & The Internet of Money

Website, YouTube Channel

Twitter Handle: @Aantonop



Adam Back

Cypherpunk, cryptographer, privacy/ecash, inventor hashcash (used in Bitcoin mining) PhD Comp Science. Co-Founder and CEO at Blockstream


Twitter Handle: @adam3us



Barry Silbert

Founder of Digital Currency Group which is a parent company of Grey Scale Investment, CoinDesk and Genesis Trading


Twitter Handle: @Barrysilbert


Chris Burniske

Partner at Place Holder VC which is a venture capital partnership that invests in decentralized information networks.

Website, Book

Twitter Handle: @Cburniske



Charlie Shrem

Bitcoin pioneer and Founder of Bitcoin Foundation


Twitter Handle: @CharlieShrem ‏



Jihan Wu

Co-founder of BITMAIN, the company that makes the Bitcoin mining equipment


Twitter Handle: @JihanWu


Jimmy Song

Bitcoin Developer and Entrepreneur. Venture Partner at Blockchain Capital LLC

Twitter Handle: @Jimmysong




Max Keiser

American broadcaster, film maker, and block chain entrepreneur . He hosts Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on Russian state media channel RT


Twitter Handle: @Maxkeiser


Nick Szabo

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer.


Twitter Handle: @NickSzabo4



Peter Todd

Notable Blockchain consultant


Twitter Handle: @Peterktodd


Pieter Wuille

Bitcoin developer & Co-founder at Blockstream


Twitter Handle: @Pwuille



Roger Ver

Early investor in bitcoin related startups including,, ZCash, BitPay, Kraken, Prominent supporter of bitcoin adoption and now promotes Bitcoin Cash.


Twitter Handle: @rogerkver


Tuur Demeester

Economist & investor, Editor in Chief at Adamant Research


Twitter Handle: @TuurDemeester


Vitalik Buterin

24 year cryptography enthusiast who dropped out from the college to build Ethereum Project


Twitter Handle: @VitalikButerin

Twitter List of Top Crypto Influencers

If you want to avoid manually adding these influencers on your Twitter feed, you can choose to Bookmark our custom Twitter Feed Page team would keep this feed updated on a weekly basis with most up to date Twitter accounts to get the latest feeds into your web page.

If you have a strong case for someone to be added to this list whom we have missed out, please leave those names in the comments section below.

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