Top Cryptocurrencies To Follow On Twitter

Twitter by far remains the defacto choice amongst all the other social channel for cryptocurrency related updates and news. Almost all top blockchain companies and influencers are usually seen sending the word out to the community through their Twitter accounts and hence have a huge number of followers.

For every newbie trader or blockchain enthusiast who joins Twitter in search for information needs a place to start and want to know who are the trusted information sources to follow and base his decisions on. In order to make this process easier and break the entry barriers, CoinScenario team has created 4 custom lists of the most trusted, official and verified Twitter accounts:

  1. Top Crypto Influencers
  2. Top Crypto Day Traders and Technical Analysts
  3. Top Cryptocurrencies/ Companies
  4. Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

In this post we would list the Top Cryptocurrencies to follow on Twitter and also few notable facts about them. Please note that the order of the below presentation doesn’t necessarily corresponds to the market cap and future growth potential of the companies.


Open Source, Peer-to-Peer payment system; revolutionized the decentralized cryptocurrency world

Official Website:

Twitter Handle: @Bitcoin


Fast and secure transactions, similar to Bitcoin but targeted towards financial institutions.

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @Ripple

Ethereum Classic

Ethereum fork that didn’t revert the hacked DAO funds.

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @eth_classic


Number one smart contracts and token platform, leader in providing a robust platform for decentralized app development.

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @Ethereumproject


A pltform similar to Ethereum aiming to develop more advanced smart contract platform than any developed previously.

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @cardanocom



Smart contracts ecosystem similar to Ethereum, goal is to be a platform for a new smart economy, China’s largest cryptocurrency.

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @NEO_Blockchain

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin fork that provides cheaper transactions and a more open development process.

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @BITCOlNCASH


What Silver is to Gold, Litecoin is to Bitcoin.

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @LitecoinProject


Just like Bitcoin but faster transactions with tor integration.

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @Vergecurrency


Open, permissionless cryptocurrency that can fully protect the privacy of transactions using zero-knowledge cryptography

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @zcashco


Ethereum-based real-time, peer-to-peer value exchange and payment service across both fiat money and decentralized currencies

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @omise_go

Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin fork that enables miners to mine through GPUs.

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @bitcoingold


instant private payments service using secure open-source & distributed platform.

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @dashpay


Platform to create applications primarily for financial technology, crowdfunding and governance industries.

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @nxtcommunity


Number one currency for anonymous transactions.

Official Website:
Twitter Handle: @monerocurrency



Ready Made List

If you want to avoid manually adding these individual handles on your Twitter feed, you can choose to Bookmark our custom Twitter Feed Page team would keep this feed updated on a weekly basis with most up to date Twitter accounts to get the latest feeds into your web page.

If you have strong case for someone to be added to this list whom we have missed out, please leave those names in the comments section below.

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One thought on “Top Cryptocurrencies To Follow On Twitter

  • May 3, 2018 at 5:44 pm

    Cost of “services” of intermediaries

    Intermediaries have tightly entangled production chains. Today goods need to pass 5 to 10 intermediaries before reaching out to consumers.

    At each stage, intermediaries charge fees for their “services”. Of course, some really do useful work: for instance, intermediaries find sale of products or solve legal issues. But the majority of agents does nothing useful; it only takes part in the production chains, hands products over and receives their percentage.
    One of the most important problems facing modern society is reducing the number of useless intermediaries (ideally, excluding them entirely). Goods should not get worse and more expensive for the end user due to the fact that someone decided to earn by doing nothing.

    In some cases, the percentage of products’ price that intermediaries take away can reach up to 40-50%! An impressive number, isn’t it? Isn‘t it true that buying goods in a store for 100 rubles with only 50-60 rubles going to the producer at best, is not a thing you want to be part of?

    Good news is that modern technologies can be used for getting rid of useless intermediaries completely in 15-20 years. Blockchain platforms, which have appeared in the past few months, offer convenient interfaces for P2P-interaction. Consumers and producers are starting to understand the benefits of such developments.

    Today, modern technologies allow mass market companies to find consumers directly. This is convenient for both. The manufacturer sells its products without spending a lot of time and can quickly reinvest its profits into improvement of the quality of output. And the consumer buys products at a reduced price as it does not pay the costs of intermediaries, which have previously been laid by the manufacturer into the price of goods.

    The future economy is in direct interaction between the consumer and the producer. Useless intermediaries are doomed to disappearing. The extra profits that they receive today will vanish as blockchain technologies are spreading rapidly. And this will happen in the near future, just in 3-4 years.

    The Yodse platform eliminates intermediaries from the production chain. Only manufacturers and consumers will be dealing with products, i.e. the very ones who are intended to do so.



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